Friday, 17 November 2017

Nixon: Recommendations for candidates in the Kelseyville Fire Protection District Board election

On Nov. 7, 2017, residents and property owners, within the Kelseyville Fire Protection District, or KFPD, will have the opportunity to elect three people to the board for new terms.

As a 30-year resident of Clear Lake Riviera and community volunteer, I’ve been working for the last six years to address real fire prevention within our Mt. Konocti communities, including all of the Rivieras.

It is my opinion that we need changes made at our fire protection district, including electing some new board members. As a result, I’m recommending that property owners consider electing John “JT” Traller and Justin Molloy, and re-electing Felicia Bridges. Here is why.

KFPD has become distant and uncommunicative with its communities. When I made a presentation in front of the board over a year ago regarding the district’s role in fire prevention as it pertains to their own Ordinance #12 (which identifies a 100-foot required defensible space around all homes in Clear Lake Riviera, Riviera West, Riviera Heights, Konocti Bay, Buckingham and Soda Bay) they have been non-responsive. Why is this kept on the books if it’s not enforced? No response.

The state Public Resource Code section 4291 (a) (1) allows a 100-foot clearance around homes, “but not beyond the property line.” If the state Public Resource Code section 4291 (a) (2) states that a “local ordinance” may create “greater distance” to enforce clearance over property lines to achieve an actual 100-foot clearance around homes, what is KFPD’s stand on this “local ordinance” as it pertains to 4921 (a) (1)? We don’t know; they haven’t responded to me.

Finally, what is KFPD’s role in fire prevention? Education only? No one has reached out to me at any level to explain to me what KFPD’s role is in fire prevention, until recently.

Candidate for re-election, Felicia Bridges, contacted me. She’s also endorsing new candidates, JT and Justin, as candidates for change at KFPD. Felicia and JT have recently spoken with Clear Lake Riviera members and all three have spoken at Riviera Heights regarding their ideas for change (Clear Lake Riviera Community Association invited all candidates and solicited candidate statements from all).

Felicia, JT and Justin all agree that it’s time to re-address Ordinance #12, improve communications with our communities, become more transparent with members, budget for proper equipment, re-address staffing levels at the Riviera station, and recruit and retain skilled staff. Their statements are included in the recently mailed County of Lake Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet.

Felicia is a former employee of the sheriff’s department and currently works with the DA’s Office. JT and Justin are impressive candidates in their own right. Please check them out.

As a retired state peace officer and a 30-year resident of Clear Lake Riviera, I have had the great pleasure of working with and being served by the very professional people associated with KFPD.

I’ve watched them in action, seen many retire, and witnessed many of my kids’ classmates and friends become firefighters at KFPD.

I’m proud our local department and I recognize the dedication and commitment of many of our current longtime board members.

It’s time, however, for a reconnection with our communities and a time for change. Please consider these candidates. Thank you!

Tom Nixon is a resident of the Clear Lake Riviera in Lake County, Calif.
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