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Dec 19th
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Home News Latest Police seek information on 'Clearlake's most wanted'

Police seek information on 'Clearlake's most wanted'

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The Clearlake Police Department is looking to take Dustin Lee Wilson of Clearlake, Calif., into custody on a number of alleged charges. Courtesy photo.

CLEARLAKE, Calif. – The Clearlake Police Department is asking for the community's assistance in apprehending the city's most wanted suspect.

The agency reported that it is seeking information on the whereabouts of Dustin Lee Wilson, 35, whose last known address was in Clearlake.

Wilson is described as a black male adult, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 175 pounds and has multiple tattoos.

The Clearlake Police Department reported that Wilson is wanted in Clearlake for multiple felonies, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, furnishing a controlled substance, bribery of an officer and misdemeanor battery.

Wilson also reportedly is wanted in Lakeport on various other charges, including failure to appear in court for unauthorized possession of not more than one ounce of marijuana while driving a motor vehicle and eluding a pursuing peace officer.

Anyone with information on Wilson's whereabouts is asked to call the Clearlake Police Department at 707-994-8251. Callers may remain anonymous.

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guest    1
Sorry Seer
written by a guest, March 06, 2012
Good for Mom(Jeri) for coming to the defense and aid of her child. Shame on Council Spitler for not considering the bigger picture and not putting the best interests of the citizens of Clearlake in front of her personal battle. The outcome of the hiring of Chief proves my point. The majority of the council made the best choice even though I am sure that at least one of them (the council), had personal motivation to do otherwise.
My concern lies in the future of our poor beat down little City. We must stop being our own worst enemy.
Guest What?
written by YogiToBoo, March 06, 2012
Clausen is chief, and will be chief for a long time. Dustin will be caught and be put away for a very long time. I couldn't be happier about both of those facts.

You can spin it around as much as you want, but that's how it's going to be. It's clear, you have a distorted view of events, with no data to back it. I'm surprised you didn't throw a UFO into the mix as well.
written by YogiToBoo, March 05, 2012
You said,
I hope he runs far and realizes that he needs to live a clean and sober life. If he stays below the radar long enough, Celli will self destruct and the case will fall apart.

Most addicts don't stop, until they are forced to stop. Your idea of how the law should work, is proof why the citizens of Clearlake wanted Clausen as chief.

How many people, will become the target of Dustin's lifestyle, we can only hope is few, in the final stages until he's put away for many years where he belongs.
The Seer
Jerri was right
written by The Seer, March 05, 2012
Jeri had the right and the duty to express her displeasure and concern about Clausen being elevated to permanent Chief. She has experience with him as many of us have. She only asked that the process be opened to other candidates. Clausen did not want to go through the process probably because he would have easily been eliminated as a viable applicant based on his lack of experience not to mention his sullied past of beating an old lady in Lakeport.

Clausen is in the process of negotiating his contract. I would like to see a requirement that he live in the City of Clearlake. I doubt he will accept that as a condition. He and his wife have expressed that Clearlake is far below their status in life.

In short, Jeri always protected her boy to the point that Dustin thought he could do as he pleased even though it was wrong. I hope he runs far and realizes that he needs to live a clean and sober life. If he stays below the radar long enough, Celli will self destruct and the case will fall apart. Good luck to Jeri.
guest    1
Only a mother
written by a guest, March 04, 2012
would try to defend/protect someone like this guy. I have always admired the blind loyalty and stubborn tenacity of a protective mother.
If Mom were not a council person, there would not be a political twist to this story. Therein lies the problem.
A mother has no professional place in the middle of this police action, but a council person can be involved. She should have recused herself from being invloved(chief selection process) in order to remove the appearance of a conflict of interest, but she did not. It appears to some folks that she is involved as a protective mother, not a council person.
The inherent conflict of interest between this mother and this council person is painfully obvious..................and this guy(her son), needs to be taken into custody whether she likes it or not.

The Data Says It All
written by YogiToBoo, March 03, 2012
I speak for no one but myself. I've followed all the arrests every day. Over the last year, CPD has made more arrests in all areas. I'm also glad they're going after those with warrants, & anyone who is putting the community in danger. What the actual number are from a few years back, I would have to crunch some numbers to get the precise number. However, by the time, I get those numbers this article will be history.

Since you're an expert on the criminals in Clearlake, maybe you can give us a few, who you think, would be the most wanted in Clearlake. Please state their names, and crimes, and why they would be the number 1 on your list.
The Seer
Smurf had it right!!!
written by a guest, March 03, 2012
Smurf asked some good questions in his comeent yesterday. Too bad Craig Clausen has all of his GOB's voting it down so it barely shows. I like the part that reminds us that it was Clausen and Celli who set up Dustin on a drug buy two weeks before the city council election. Now, as soon as Jerri has nerve to speak out against Clausen, her son is put on the front page as the most wanted.

The good thing is Clausen didn't attack Jerri like he did the elderly lady in Lakeport. But then, Jerri might have taken him to the mat and won. Ha Ha Ha
The Seer
written by a guest, March 03, 2012
Yogi to Boo.... you sound like the mouth piece for Clausen.

When I drive through town all I see is a bunch of bums dealing drugs at Austin's Park. I see Clearlake in free fall decline and I blame the police dept. If you look back on the LCSO website you'll see the PD arrests are way down over the last few years. Most of their arrests are for warrants and drunk in public. It's because they have gotten rid of their good officers. They just appear to be going through the motions. I listen to the scanner and it's nothing like it was when Chalk was the chief and inspired the officers to do their jobs. I don't hear the car stops and I don't hear of them towing the scum bag's cars away. They send two or three officers to every call. It makes them sound and look like their scared of their own shadows.

If Dustin Wilson is the worst person Clausen can think of in Clearlake, he is really out of touch.
The Seer
It didn't take long
written by a guest, March 03, 2012
It didn't take Clausen long to pull this out of his dirty tricks bag. Remember, Celli is the only one who heard the bribery. Two fat peas in a pod.
guest    1
The 900 elephant
written by a guest, March 03, 2012
in the council chambers will be there every time Jeri opens her mouth about the CPD.
She is in an untenable best.
Just a Low Class Thug
written by Guster100, March 03, 2012
Wanna be Gangsta who never worked a honest day in his life.. now gets to live his life on the run or behind bars. No one to blame but himself.
There's a warrant out
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
because he failed to appear on February 21; he's got two or three felony cases pending, I think. Rumor is that he's in Mexico.
Wow Jeri that's a
written by ou812, March 02, 2012
Pretty self serving story. If I recall correctly this man, your son, has been on the wrong side of the law for many years. As Al Gore said, it's an inconvenient truth.
For a perspective
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
Dear sista T
written by YogiToBoo, March 02, 2012
This guy’s rap sheet goes back a long, long way. He's been busted with a gun, switch blade and a number of crimes endangering the community. Yes, there was a disagreement with his mom and the new chief. Even more reason to get this guy off the street. Who knows what statements he has made since the town meeting? And, how do you know he's not been around?

The CPD has been doing their job, and doing it well. If you have followed the number of arrests over the last 15 months, you would see CPD has made more than any other agency in Lake County. At a rate of 2 to 1 with a smaller force than LCSO. They've also solved more crimes and instituted programs which are helping the community.
It's my understanding
written by GreyBeard, March 02, 2012
There is only one open murder case in Clearlake sista T.... And there don't seem to be any child molesters who haven't been investigated - Check out the Megen's Law Site. If you are going to make statements that the police department is corrupt, come up with some specifics. You may be right that Dustin hasn't been around for six months (maybe he can't get back across the border) but he is a dangerous individual to the citizens of this community and county. But I will agree with you about your being embarrassed to be a member of the community - I'm embarrassed you are also so why don't you move next to smurf and maybe the two of you can feed off one another....
sista T
written by sista T, March 02, 2012
This guy has been missing for awhile, and because his mom spoke out about CLPD, NOW HE IS CL'S MOST WANTED??? What a bunch of hypocrites! You let murderers and child molesters go without any investigations, and you make him the number one criminal in the city and he has not even been around for at least 6 months. DO YOUR JOB AND GET THE REAL CRIMINALS. And Shame on you, Lake Co News, for propagating this hate. More evidence that this PD is corrupt and you are supporting them. I am embarrassed to be a member of this community. We will stand our watch and the truth will be told.
guest    1
Elected officials
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
need to keep their eye on the ball. The back and forth bickering between Clausen/Spittler at the council meeting comes into focus. Unless this is some sort of blatant harassment case against her son (not likely), Jeri is in a very difficult position. Although I feel compassion for any parent with a problem like this, it is not my problem, nor is it the problem of the citizens of the City of Clearlake. We should NEVER see or hear about any of this at a council meeting.
Smurf your comment is off topic.
written by Volker, March 02, 2012
Be careful what you ask for. The sort of leads you are suggesting taking action on are precisely the kind that would have the swat team kicking in your door looking for the skinny, long gray haired man driving a military vehicle who was trying to lure in children, a week or so back.
hey CLP, where is Keith Drum's killer?
written by smurf, March 02, 2012
You remember Keith Drum, right? He died IN YOUR CUSTODY, yet for some strange reason you NEVER looked for his killer, and you NEVER asked the public for their help, why is that? A murderer is loose in your town but you didn't issue a press release like this one for a far lesser crime, please explain why it is a person can be murdered in your town and you don't EVER look for the killer-how about it craig, care to explain that or is it just one of many things that are beyond explanation when it comers to the CPD? Like the bust that got Dustin in trouble in the first place, all kinds of leads to follow on drug dealers in that town but NONE of those were followed, instead a sting was set-up and he was enticed into committing a crime two weeks before an election his mother was in-and you call that a coincidence? If you believe that then you'll believe Clearlake is a well-run prosperous town, and Glen Neasham is a senior advocate.
Hey jerry
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
Wheres the kid hiding these days???
Pearlly Ann
Even though..
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
Even though LCN doesn't have a comics section, this article provided me with enough humor to keep me smiling all day. Get those hoodlums off the street CPD!
I am sure that
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
his mom is cooperating with Chief Clausen.
Pearlly Ann
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
Maybe his mom knows where to find him.
This man should also be considered Armed and extremely Dangerous.
written by a guest, March 02, 2012
This man in the past has been shot in a botched drug deal and been a habitual crack addict/ pusher since childhood. Lets get him off the streets.

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