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Feb 11th
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Home News Latest Two arrested for drugs weapons; linked to Wisconsin drug case

Two arrested for drugs weapons; linked to Wisconsin drug case

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From left, Elizabeth Anne Lango and Brandon Scott Augsburger, both of Kelseyville, Calif., were arrested on Friday, March 2, 2012, for possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of marijuana for sale and being armed while in the commission of a felony. Lake County Jail photos.

KELSEYVILLE, Calif. – The service of a search warrant by the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force has resulted in two arrests, the seizure of LSD, 116 pounds of processed marijuana, $36,946 and a firearm.

Arrested were 45-year-old Elizabeth Anne Lango and Brandon Scott Augsburger, 28, both of Kelseyville, according to Sgt. Steve Brooks.

On March 2 the Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force received information from the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration that they had served search warrants in Lake Winnebago, Wis., and Kimberly, Wis., according to Brooks.

Their investigation revealed that 43-year-old Spencer Breitreiter of Kelseyville and Paul Van Wychen of Wisconsin were responsible for transporting multiple pounds of marijuana from California to Wisconsin, Brooks said.

Agents recovered approximately 5 pounds of processed marijuana and $200,000 in cash. Brooks said both Van Wychen and Breitreiter were arrested in Wisconsin.

During a search of Breitreiter’s property in Wisconsin a rental agreement for a storage unit in Kelseyville was discovered. Brooks said the rental agreement was made out to Lango.  

He said Lake County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives responded to the storage unit. They deployed a narcotics detection K9 which alerted to the unit. A search warrant also was secured for Lango, her home and storage unit.

On March 2 at approximately 6:40 p.m., Lake County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives served the search warrant at Lango’s residence, located on Montezuma Way in Kelseyville, Brooks said. Upon entry to the residence Lango and Augsburger were detained without incident.  

During a search of the residence detectives seized 47 immature marijuana plants, approximately 20 pounds of processed marijuana, a sheet of suspected LSD containing approximately 100 dosage units, a 20 gauge shotgun, digital scales and $16,812 in cash, Brooks reported.

He said detectives also located a bank account in Lango’s name that contained $20,134 which was also seized pending asset forfeiture proceedings.

Lango denied any knowledge of the storage unit that was in her name. Brooks said detectives forced entry into the storage unit and located a Lexus parked inside.  

After making entry into the Lexus detectives discovered 96 pounds of processed marijuana. Brooks said most of the marijuana was packaged in vacuum sealed bags.  

Paperwork found inside the vehicle linked Lango, Breitreiter and Augsburger to the vehicle, according to Brooks. Additional paperwork found at the residence linked Lango to recent trips to the state of Wisconsin.  

Lango and Augsburger were both arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of marijuana for sale and being armed while in the commission of a felony, Brooks said. They were transported to the Lake County Hill Road Correctional Facility and booked.

The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force can be contacted through its anonymous tip line at 707-263-3663.

Detectives seized a large amount of processed marijuana, LSD, cash and a firearm Elizabeth Lango's home in Kelseyville, Calif., as well as a storage unit in her name. Photo courtesy of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

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written by Marzocco, March 17, 2012
It is nice to see all the fiascos are not preventing the hard working officers from doing their thankless jobs. Kudos to all the members of the Lake County SO. Well, ALMOST all. smilies/wink.gif Keep on trucking.
Fantastic police work - Columbo
written by YogiToBoo, March 17, 2012
1st, it’s very nice to have these people arrested.

I don't think I would call this "Fantastic police work" This is not a Colombo case.
The DEA & Wisconsin Department of Justice called our Lake County narcotics detectives. They were informed about the amount of drugs & cash back there, and where to send a drug dog to search.
Our task force already knew Elizabeth Anne Lango was on the rental agreement, & where she lived.

I'm glad these drugs are off the streets, but I know of at least 3 homes where people have told me they've called LCSO to report grow houses and nothing has been done.

It's interesting the timing of these reports as well. The busts happened over 2 weeks ago. It seems we only get this info when Rivero gets his name in the paper for some major mess up.

The one thing we know for sure is, we still have a professional task force which has not been damaged by Rivero.
written by Volker, March 17, 2012
Should have included the bottles of Tide laundry detergent.
Repeat after me
Fantastic police work
written by Repeat after me, March 17, 2012
Thank you, once again, Lake County Sheriff and staff!

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