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Dec 22nd
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Sudoku - The numbers' game


What is Sudoku ?

The Sudoku puzzle is a Japanese logic game which entered the western world in the last few months and is gaining popularity very fast.

What's so special about this Sudoku puzzle ?

First, the Sudoku puzzle can be anything from ridiculously easy to fiendishly difficult.
Second, it's a puzzle which comprises only of numbers. digits 1 to 9 actually. no need for math knowledge, you solve the Sudoku puzzle with reasoning and logic

What are the rules ?


I see no point in playing it ...

Well, Sudoku is definitely one of the more challenging puzzles you can do, you must try one to understand :)
Sudoku will require logic on your side, and will develop your logical thinking and decision making, especially in the harder Sudoku boards.

Tips for the beginner Sudoku player

  • Make sure you have some free time ahead
  • Resist the temptation of guess and use logic instead!
  • Solving time for the Sudoku is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your Sudoku skill and experience, so don't quit if you're Sudoku-ing for 5 mins and getting nowhere

Sudoku Books

If you are serious about Sudoku, and by that I mean that you are interested in solving ALOT of Sudoku puzzles, there are books written just for you!
Sudoku books contain dozens of Sudoku puzzles.
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