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Sep 02nd
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Home News Latest Lake County’s median, mean household income numbers up slightly in 2011; family numbers down

Lake County’s median, mean household income numbers up slightly in 2011; family numbers down

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LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Lake County’s median and mean incomes for households were up slightly last year, while median and mean incomes were down for families.

The information came from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011 American Community Survey, which provides a wide range of important statistics about the people, housing and economy in all communities in the country.

American Community Survey information showed that the U.S. median household income for 2011 was $50,502, while California’s was $57,287.

Lake County’s median – or midpoint – household income last year was $35,991, up from $34,910 in 2010.

A Lake County News review of American Community Survey statistics going back to 2005 found that in that time Lake County household median incomes peaked at $40,946 in 2007.

The household mean, or average, income in Lake County was $50,990 in 2011, up from $47,688. During the 2005-2011 review period, that mean number had peaked at $55,200 in 2007.

Median income for Lake County families was $44,516 in 2011, down from $46,260 the previous year. Families’ median income peaked in the county in 2007, at $51,994.

The mean income number for Lake County families in 2011 was $54,931, down from $57,912 in 2010. It had been at a high of $65,784 in 2009.

Lake County couples’ median income was $54,242 in 2011, down from $57,982 in 2010. The peak since 2005 was in 2009, when the county’s couples had a median income of $60,256. Mean income numbers were not available for Lake County couples.

Census numbers also showed that the number of Lake County households was at 28,885 in 2011, the highest since 2005 and up by more than 4,300 households since 2010.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s report, “Household Income for States: 2010 and 2011” – which presents statistics on median household income at the national and state levels – showed that in 2011, median household income ranged from $36,919 in Mississippi to $70,004 in Maryland.

Between the 2010 and 2011 American Community Survey, Vermont was the only state that showed an increase in median household income, the U.S. Census Bureau reported. At the same time, median household income declined in 18 states.

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Do the math
written by monitor, October 12, 2012
$35,991/52 weeks=$692.13/ week or $692.13/40 hours/ week= $17.30/hour. That is close to the wage that a Safeway checker makes. It is the median (and honestly not enough to have a "middle class" lifestyle) that the article is talking about. It means that 1/2 half make less (or none) and 1/2 make more- whats so hard to understand? Look around the lake. There are retirees making 3-5 times that much through their previous jobs (or lifestyles), small business owners that are in the top 10 (or 1 percent) and don't forget the Ag folks- grape growers and wineries, pear and walnut growers etc..
You might be below poverty levels, however how much of your income do you actually report? In fact, without the underground economy most folks would starve (of course some prosper mightily).
Just Sayin
You have got to be kidding...
written by Just Sayin, October 12, 2012
Who makes salaries like these? Where do you work to make salaries like these? Are these households two incomes with no kids? Are they earning their money in Santa Rosa where you don't have to work for Walmart or Mickey D's but have real jobs with real choices and benefits? I have worked all my life, know others who work damn hard, and we make about 1/2 of this. If this is middle class, I must be below poverty!

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