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Nov 28th
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Home News Latest Investigation continues in death of Lower Lake man

Investigation continues in death of Lower Lake man

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LOWER LAKE, Calif. – The death of a Lower Lake man whose body was found last week remains under investigation.

Lake County News has independently confirmed that the man found dead last week was Mark Bartholomew Johnson, 52, of Lower Lake.

Lake County Sheriff’s deputies and Lake County Fire Protection District had responded to the 23000 block of Morgan Valley Road near Rocky Creek Roads late on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 21, on the report of a male assault victim, as Lake County News has reported.

Reports from the scene indicated that Johnson – who owned property in the area – was found on the ground next to his pickup, with both he and the vehicle covered with blood.

His body has reportedly been taken to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, which handles autopsies for Lake County.

Officials are reported to be continuing the investigation.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has blacklisted Lake County News and is refusing to release any details about Johnson’s death to this news organization.

However, at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Undersheriff Pat Turturici stated that the case was not a homicide.

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What is wrong with you people
written by msmouth70, November 29, 2012
A wonderful man is dead. He was an amazing person. He was a father, and if you were lucky enough to have been his were blessed.
written by Itis, November 28, 2012
The Lake County news diesn't like people who don't like Don Anderson. Hence a new account. i know others also cut off after posting about him and experiences with him.
written by Marzocco, November 28, 2012
John or Liz,
can you let us know about the BOS' decision to rebuff sheriff Rivero one sided decision to blacklist/blackball LCN? The "other" paper, as usual, did not offer too many details about the new guidelines covering press releases.

WHERE IS....................
written by BlackMagic, November 28, 2012
......Bob Chalk when we need him!!!???

Rivero will end up suing this County when he Leaves/voted out of office.
His actions "Taint" the fine Reputation of Law Enforcement.
I sure as Hell, didnt vote for him.
written by ca215, November 28, 2012
I can't really say I am MMOB which I suppose can be taken to mean "Minding my own business," comparartive to the posters' sign-on name MYOB a k a Mind your own business, but: What movie?

And is this news article somehow supposed to refer to some movie, I guess, even though I can find no movie title in the article?
Is MYOB a movie title?
WHAT "four Americans killed because of that movie?"
Or was a movie made about the Feds taking over Oakland PD, (quote) "as treatened?"

And there will be no need for any present or future poster to label my not understanding as moronic; for some of the usual reasons, some having to do with not having $XXX to throw away on something being run at the, for instance, Clearlake movie theater which I (2nd reason) understand now uses that ear-breakingly LOUD surround sound.

Hmm, the occasionally acting as county sheriff Rivero seems to have "blacklisted" LCN; which came first, his blacklisting of LCN and other news publications or his being ordered to release news items "to ALL recognized news agencies?"

It seems that having Sacramento perform autopsies and other County coroners' duties is a good idea, since Mr Rivero appears to have more than too much with which to deal and he can't do the small bit of Sheriff's usual duties that have been left on his desk.

In years prior to Rivero's landing behind the Sheriff's desk, I thought that the County Sheriff was also the County coroner. How many times were vehicles emblazoned with the words "Sheriff / Coroner" seen travelling on the streets here in Lake County? I haven't checked closely since the (s)Election of Rivero to be Sheriff, but have the words referring to County Coroner been removed or painted over?
written by a guest, November 27, 2012
Looks like the BOS unanimously voted to slap the little( in stature and job knowledge) despot running the Sheriff Department. The little Napoleon was ordered to provide news releases to ALL recognized news agencies, which include LCN.
Finally our BOS demonstrated some brass appendages in dealing with the so called sheriff ( in title only).
Good job BOS!

written by MYOB, November 27, 2012
kinda sounds like the spin Americans were given with the FOUR AMERICANS WERE KILLED BECAUSE OF THAT MOVIE.
written by ClkOaks, November 27, 2012
I agree. After the Feds take over Oakland PD (as threatend), maybe they can take over Lake County Sheriff also. Couldn't be any worse than it is now.
written by justwondering, November 27, 2012

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