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Feb 06th
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Ridgel: He was shocked

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Obama is shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn there is gambling in the casino.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn folks were skeptical after he spent a fortune to conceal his birth and college records.

He is shocked, shocked I tell you, that his many vacations, some of which flew his wife, children and dog separately cost this destitute government millions of dollars.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, that some were upset when he threw out the bust of Winston Churchill, insulted the Queen of England, announced the most beautiful sound he ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer and bowed to the waist while sucking up to the Saudi King.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that his longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright, hated America and Americans, especially white Americans.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn of “Fast and Furious” gun-running to Mexico, killing an American and untold numbers of Mexicans.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn the IRS suppressed the vote of enough conservative organizations to reelect him. He thought he should have known about the vote suppression after meeting the head of IRS 157 times leading up to the election.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, that those under him called off all rescue efforts for Benghazi and got the ambassador and three others killed. He would have saved them but he was too busy preparing for a political trip to Las Vegas.

He was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that his old buddy, Attorney General Eric Holder, apparently lied his head off to Congress about his illegal searches of news organizations’ and reporters’ records.

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that not one of those high-level thugs he appointed ever gave him a hint about any of this.

Randy Ridgel lives in Kelseyville, Calif.

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I was shocked
written by a guest, June 16, 2013
Hey, I was shocked to learn that Ridgell was the campaign manager for a retired judge when he first ran for office 20 years ago. But hey, things could have been worse, Ridgell could have been the candidate and the judge the campaign manager and then we would have had a real idiot as a judge on the bench.smilies/grin.gif
written by Rex, June 15, 2013
is a lie. You are a member of a society, from which you benefit. Who built the road to your hotdog stand? Who patrols the streets at night to keep you safe? Are you also self-educated?
written by hatesbing68, June 14, 2013
That;s because the "high level thugs" were once members of Bush administrations. Obama is a secret republican
Drat - forgot one thing
written by IKIABWAY, June 13, 2013
yes, I am on a drug - levothyroxine (thyroid med). Don't know if my Centrum Silver or glucosamine/chondroitin are classified as drugs or supplements - but you seem to know a lot - so you tell me 'guest'. Oops, only 7:45 a.m. - guess I'll have to wait at least until 8 - or do you roll in around 9?smilies/grin.gif
Mr Cobb
written by Mr Cobb, June 13, 2013
The IRS manager that ordered the review of Tea Party applications is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. The dems, and the president, had no reason to prevent the splintering of the republican party. But a republican certainly would.
Well thanks for asking
written by IKIABWAY, June 13, 2013
'guest' - yes, I am an veteran with an Honorable Discharge. This family's tree shows service to this nation all the way back to the Revolutionary War - every generation has served. Youngest son just re-enlisted after an active deployed 8. And you?

Give aways?? No, that annual check that gets sent to the IRS isn't what we consider a giveaway - we consider it part of the price one pays for post what one believes.

And when did Randy become such a wuss - if he can no longer defend his own LTTE he needs to put down the keyboard. If anyone has a hand in your pocket and the choice is between me or Randy - your dog won't bark around here, take him over to Randy's place.
written by a guest, June 12, 2013
are you making your own drugs in your bath tub ?? or are ou just that fd up in the head ?? you think your way is the only way ?? no one should be able to have an opinion ?? i think free birth control is a great idea, especially for people with your mind set. i would guess you never served in the military ?? are you at the head of the line at any possible give away??? i have worked my but off all of my life and i did build my business myself and you don't deserve any of it !!!! maybe you ought to go back to where ever it is that you came from??? after all people like you are at least 50% of the problem!!! oh yeah have a great day. keep righting in randy [ yes that was intentional ]
I was schlocked....
written by Rex, June 11, 2013 read this drivel. Do you really believe everything Alex Jones tells you? Feh.
Thank goodness I
written by IKIABWAY, June 11, 2013
finally made a negative number - was starting to think it was a County Employee holiday (hey, why pay for internet at home when you can get paid to use it at worksmilies/grin.gif) Thanks for checking in 'we don't need no stinkin' facts crowd' - we really need the humor in these times.
And I too am shocked...
written by IKIABWAY, June 09, 2013
totally SHOCKED to my very core that Randy said he was going away but yet, here he is.smilies/cheesy.gif For which I am eternally grateful. I never laugh so hard as I do when I get done reading one of Randy's 'pieces'. Yup, it's always a 'piece'.

Is it age that has slowed you down Randy? A quick search will show that while the director of the IRS was CLEARED to attend events/meetings at the White House 157 - he only showed for 11 of the events/meetings.

And NOW you're concerned that a lawyer might have lied?? Randy - have you become a 215 patient? That's what lawyers are trained to do!!smilies/grin.gif

Now let us all sing (in the key of G as in gasbag) "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?". Probably better park your carcass for this one too Randy - if not for really creative gerrymandering the House would be addressing Madam Speaker Pelosi as there were significantly more D votes in the last election nationwide than there were R votes. I know Randy, the sites on the Nat Geo specials of Elephant boneyards are very sad. Try to buck up tho buttercup - Wall Street will kill this nation off faster than any foreign enemy. Or any Republican - but the party gets points for trying. What is the count and amount on the times the House has held vote to kill that dreaded Obama care, you know - that one that has already been ruled Constitutional? The gall of our President - setting up a system that allows those shut out of the health care market to get a chance to participate in it. That just feels so, I don't know what to call it, maybe compassionate Christianity in action? I'm sure Randy will set the record straight for me, surely he has a great deal of knowledge on how to deal with the private for profit insurance industry, right Randy? You're not getting medical care at the VA or Medicare or any of that darn ol' nasty gubmint run health care, no, not a stalwart, stand on your own man like you, right Randy?
Thank God....
written by rasimov, June 09, 2013
That it's illegal to serve a third term as president....
Or is illegal not a concern to this guy.

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