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Nov 26th
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Home News Latest Arizona pot bust leads to arrest of Kelseyville man

Arizona pot bust leads to arrest of Kelseyville man

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Lawrence Farmer of Kelseyville arrested on cultivation, possession charges June 30, 2013.
Lawrence Farmer of Kelseyville arrested on cultivation, possession charges June 30, 2013.

KELSEYVILLE, Calif -- The Lake County Sheriff's office has arrested 58 year old Lawrence Farmer of Kelseyville on cultivation and posession charges after a large pot bust in Arizona was traced to a Kelseyville address.

During the month of April, detectives from the Phoenix Arizona Police Department conducted a narcotics investigation and seized 326 pounds of processed marijuana, 26 pounds of hashish and approximately $800,000.00 in US Currency.

During their investigation they arrested Bruce Franklin and Miroslaw Zuzak in Arizona, who are residents of Lake County.kvgreenhouse2

As a result of the investigation conducted by the Phoenix Police Department Narcotics Unit, the Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force began an investigation to identify the source of the marijuana seized in Phoenix.

On July 26, 2013 the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force secured a search warrant for the residence and property located in the 7300 block of Highway 29 in Kelseyville. This is the same home address used by both Franklin and Zuzak when they were arrested in Phoenix.Greenhouse on Kelseyville property.

On July 30, 2013 members of the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force and detectives from the Phoenix Police Department served the warrant at the aforementioned residence and property. When detectives made entry into the residence, they located and detained Farmer of Kelseyville without incident.

During the search of the residence and property, detectives located and seized 113 marijuana plants, which were located outside the residence in greenhouses.

Detectives also located approximately 5 pounds of processed marijuana which were packaged for sales, approximately two ounces of hashish packaged for shipment via parcel carrier and a small quantity of steroids inside the residence.

Farmer was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales, cultivation of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. He was transported to the Lake County Hill Road Correctional Facility and booked.

Both Franklin and Zuzak are currently in custody in Arizona.

The LCSO encourages people to call the anonymous tip line at 263-3663 to assist in narcotics eradication.

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Is it the supplier or the customer?
written by monitor, August 07, 2013
So who is the culprit? The people who consume it or the farmer (not that Farmer)? Those guys in AZ. had 800K-did they grow that? There is a demand out in the country for high grade dope- should we punish every buyer? Are there enough prisons to hold 25% +/- of the population?
Legalize the stuff and save the eradication, interdiction and incarceration costs- lets spend the bucks on improving our infrastructure and let the folks who imbibe alone.
illegal grow
written by a guest, August 07, 2013
It is illegal grows such as this that give the legal user and grower a bad name. Way to much of this illegal growing is going on in the county. This is the reason the city of Clearlake is looking at banning outdoor grows. Thanks to the greedy people
written by a guest, August 07, 2013
Another example of California becoming the largest producer of marijuana. Not for local consumption by people with a medical card. Instead the majority is sent to other states. And this will not change if California is the only state decriminalizing it and taxing it. Criminals like these people will continue to grow it, without declaring it for tax purposes.
written by gramps, August 06, 2013
I wonder if the Phoenix chief told him he had to talk to him and not his lawyer?

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