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Jul 28th
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Home News Latest Police investigate Saturday shooting in Clearlake marijuana grow

Police investigate Saturday shooting in Clearlake marijuana grow

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CLEARLAKE, Calif. – Police are investigating an early Saturday morning incident in which a Clearlake man was shot by suspects attempting to steal his marijuana.

The 45-year-old Hispanic male victim, whose name has not been released by police, was shot in the chest by suspects he confronted in his marijuana grow in the 3800 block of Mullen Avenue between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Saturday, according to Clearlake Police Sgt. Nick Bennett.

At approximately 7:11 a.m. Clearlake Police responded to the Mullen Avenue location after the man called for help, Bennett said.

Bennett said officers on the scene learned that the person calling for help had a gunshot wound in his upper body. Medical assistance was requested from Lake County Fire Protection District.

Prior to being transported the victim stated he had confronted four masked and armed male suspects around 3 to 4 a.m., Bennett said.

Bennett said the victim told police he was shot by one of the suspects and they left with an unknown amount marijuana from the residence.

Clearlake Police detectives were notified and responded to take over the investigation, Bennett said.

The victim was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and at last report was being prepared for surgery, according to Bennett.

Bennett said police are now preparing search warrants for the Mullen Avenue property.

The Clearlake Police Department advised citizens who have a legal Proposition 215 card for possessing marijuana for medical purposes to be especially vigilant for any suspicious persons or vehicles around their property, and to call their local law enforcement agency should they feel threatened.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Detective Ryan Peterson at 707-994-8251, Extension 320.

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Civil rights
Woman rivers fingered
written by Civil rights , October 05, 2013
Any body remember Theodore woman Ravero sexually assaulted Rhonda . Many people even on this forum ostracized her called her a liar and said rivro would never do something like that he was the most standup officer ever. How many people now wonder maybe she was telling the truth and maybe he was the liar. He has already been proven to lie in court and in person. Whose testimony is more believable a proven liar or a poor middle-aged woman distraught because of a fight between her and her husband who reported a disturbing search and penetration of her genital area. A woman from the bay area who is crippled and disabled.. ......... I don't know what the statute of limitations is on sexual assault but I think the DA should reinvestigate. Sorry Rhonda I did not mean to call you a liar, that is what all of you should be saying today after knowing Rivero up close and personal as sheriff in the limelight, He is truly a class act.

written by whitemagic, October 05, 2013
Yes they are ripping each other off. Marzocco thanks for being so right on. The Sheriff Lawsuits says it will never be legal Have you heard all the talk at the Democratic meeting presentation with the man? I do hope Lt Brooks will be o.k. he is one of the best. The deputies are hard at work. I hope the Coronor is in town. smilies/cool.gif The pot growers are all over the town of Lower Lake. The smell is strong. The hills are alive. You can see it from the road up the alleys. Behind the buildings The substation will be going in soon. The wind was so strong with whirl winds I had green burn.
Civil rights
written by a guest, October 05, 2013
Proposition 215 was not a law. It was an amendment to the state constitution. Proposition 215 amendment says that medical marijuana patient may not be criminally punished for growing possessing or using marijuana for medical purposes. California state constitution grants us the right to grow our medicine. Two thirds of the states population amended the Constitution of Californi To allow medicinal marijuana . The sheriffs department should be focusing on catching real criminals who shoot and Rob whoever has any money or anything worth money. In the bay area criminals rob construction workers and volunteers from habitat for humanity because they have money if there were some jobs in lake county who knows who would be Held up. All of you against marijuana grows are really not in the know. If there were not targets that were scared to have firearms around they might be invading the business owners, like weed tech. The sheriff needs to stop violating our civil rights and concentrate on stopping the criminals who are praying on us because we are scared.
written by a guest, October 05, 2013
We have a gentleman here that was in full compliance of the law and was terrorized by a group of masked men and some how or another the comments on here suggest he, the victim, was in the wrong that's just sick... Just saying. Let us not forget by making it harder to grow or get for the citizens that truly need it is a travesty and what needs to happen is the LEGAL growers need to have a better relationship with local law enforcement, if this was the case maybe growers would be quicker to report suspicious activities and call for help when needed, we need to seek tougher penalties for those who choose to pray on the growers, and tougher penalties for those who grow more than is aloud by law. These few things would solve a lot but again as always I won't hold by breath.
Another Example
written by a guest, October 05, 2013
Here is another example of why growing pot should NOT be allowed in residential areas. Too many innocent people could be hurt or killed. City Council members should rethink their rules regarding this subject...
written by a guest, October 05, 2013
Somebody better remind the victim that growing marijuana is NOT a victimless crime. (end of sarcastic font)

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