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Nov 28th
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Home News Latest Kelseyville man arrested for marijuana possession, leading deputies on high speed chase

Kelseyville man arrested for marijuana possession, leading deputies on high speed chase

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Masud Michael Sekander, 29, of Kelseyville, Calif., was arrested on drug, evasion and ammunition possession charges on Friday, October 4, 2013. Lake County Jail photo.

KELSEYVILLE, Calif. – A Kelseyville man who last Thursday allegedly led deputies on a high speed chase was arrested the following day and found to be in possession of 90 pounds of marijuana as well as ammunition.

Masud Michael Sekander, 29, was arrested for evading a peace officer, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and a felon in possession of ammunition, according to Lt. Steve Brooks of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

On the evening of Thursday, Oct. 3, a black Mercedes sedan traveling at speeds estimated to be more than 100 miles per hour passed two Lake County Sheriff’s detectives and a deputy sheriff and was pursued for approximately eight miles, Brooks said.

The pursuit started when the Mercedes sedan passed one of the detectives at Highway 53 and Dam Road in Clearlake. Brooks said the detective, who was driving an unmarked sheriff's detective vehicle, turned on his vehicle’s emergency lights and attempted to stop the speeding vehicle, but could not get it to stop and could not close the distance on it.

The speeding vehicle, at that point estimated to be driving more than 110 miles per hour, passed another detective in an unmarked sheriff's vehicle near Highway 29 and Highway 53 in Lower Lake, Brooks said.

Brooks said that detective turned on his vehicle’s emergency lights and attempted to stop the Mercedes sedan, but he was unable to close the distance.

The Mercedes passed a deputy sheriff driving a marked sheriff's patrol vehicle at more than 100 miles per hour. The deputy, with his emergency lights and siren activated, pursued the Mercedes sedan for approximately six miles, but lost sight of it on Point Lakeview Road and Konocti Vista Drive in Kelseyville, Brooks said.

A thorough search for the Mercedes was conducted, but the deputy and detectives were unable to locate it, according to Brooks.

On the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 4, a deputy received information that someone on Wheeler Drive in Kelseyville, had possibly been involved in a high speed pursuit with law enforcement the previous night, Brooks said.

He said the deputy made contact with Sekander at the residence. As the deputy spoke with Sekander, the deputy detected a very strong odor of marijuana emanating from within the residence.

Brooks said the deputy requested a sheriff's narcotic detectives respond to the scene. Narcotic detectives authored and served a search warrant at the residence and located approximately 86 pounds of unprocessed marijuana and three pounds of processed marijuana inside the house.

The black Mercedes sedan that was pursued the previous night was located in the garage. Handgun ammunition was found inside the Mercedes, Brooks said.

Sekander admitted to being the driver of the Mercedes during the pursuit. Brooks said Sekander was arrested and transported to the Hill Road Correctional Facility, where he was booked.

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Yeh Baby
written by Greg_Cornish, October 12, 2013
You pot haters are going to have something coming when its fully legalized in California this year for recreational use.

I'm looking forward to the day when it is legalized nationally but not the day when it is legalized in California without being legalized nationally. When it's legalized nationally the prices will drop to a couple hundred a pound and it won't be worth the effort to steal.

Ideally I'd like to see growers licensed and be grown in areas away from residences and penalties enforced for growing in residential areas.

Reports are there were shots fired in my neighborhood because of a robbery of an illegal grow two nights ago, but the source is not reliable.

Violent Pot robberies are happening with to much frequency. Legalize recreational use and grow it away from residences. Get rid of the reason to even sell the "medicinal" idea. If someone wants to use it as "medicine," so be it - have fun medicating yourselves.
written by a guest, October 10, 2013
your costs does not mean you can make your living growing, which is exactly what guys like this are trying to do.

For the record, I'm a supporter of legalizing it. Criminals like this are hindering recreational legalization, not helping it.
Civil rights
written by Civil rights , October 10, 2013
The amendment allows you to re coup your money by belonging to a collective, and taking donations for your work. Not for profit does not mean for free. You pot haters are going to have something coming when its fully legalized in California this year for recreational use. Time for Lake County to join the rest of the state, and follow the state laws.
crime v. right
written by a guest, October 10, 2013
MMJ is not a crime. Growing for a profit is.
written by a guest, October 10, 2013
They didn't chase him for the pot, genius, they chased him because he blew by two deputies at 100 mph+.

Why does the MMJ crowd continue to defend people like this? When will they collecitvely get it through their heads that for-profit growers like this one are HURTING their cause?

If you are a true MMJ proponant, you'd condemn, not defend, him.
86 lbs
written by a guest, October 10, 2013
Oh sure this guy is so sick he needs 86 lbs. of pot. Stop with all the bs about having a recommendation. We are all past that bs. It's just a ticket to grow and sell pot for huge profits and then you can buy a Mercedes and let law enforcement chase you and endanger the lives of many.
Civil rights
written by a guest, October 10, 2013
Marijuana gives the sheriffs the right to treat you like you are in Communist China. I think a little good casework would have been much better than a phony warrant for weed. I'm glad they got the criminal but allowing them to do that to marijuana growers opens the door for that treatment being given to everybody. We should all be outraged that our fellow citizens rights are being trampled.

My j is not a crime 215 is a constitutional right.

We'll see
written by Greg_Cornish, October 09, 2013
even though they did not have probable cause, or a warrant.

I don't know. We'll see what the DA and the judge say. Leave it to the experts. Since he admitted being the driver on the high speed chase i guess they got it right.
Civil rights
written by a guest, October 09, 2013
Now they count the stems ,seeds and the root. The marijuana was not dry yet apparently since it was still un processed. Sounds like they smell pot and wanted to use that as an excuse to violate his civil rights and raid his house. hoping they would find a BMW in the garage to prove that there informant was right, even though they did not have probable cause, or a warrant. Sounds like our civil rights violating sheriffs department to me even if he was guilty. Using marijuana as an excuse to rade people's house is not right. Marijuana growing it's not a crime if you have a recommendation.
written by a guest, October 09, 2013
Weed does NOT make me stupid. That would be genetics.

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