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Dec 21st
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Home News Latest Crescent City woman dies in Thursday crash; driver seriously injured, arrested

Crescent City woman dies in Thursday crash; driver seriously injured, arrested

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GLENHAVEN, Calif. – Medication is believed to have been a factor in a Thursday afternoon crash near Glenhaven that claimed the life of a Crescent City woman.

Joyce Rakestraw, 77, died in the single-vehicle wreck, which occurred shortly after 12:37 p.m. on Highway 20 at Mary Street, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Her husband, Raymond Daniel Rakestraw Jr., 80, sustained major injuries, the CHP said.

Raymond Rakestraw was driving a 2005 Buick Park Avenue eastbound on Highway 20 approaching Mary Street, driving between 45 and 50 miles per hour, when – for an unknown reason – he allowed the vehicle to drift off the highway's south edge, according to the CHP.

The CHP said the car struck a pier and overturned.

Joyce Rakestraw, riding in the front passenger seat, was pronounced dead at the scene by Northshore Fire Protection District personnel, according to the report.

While the wreck remains under investigation, the CHP believes prescription medication is a factor.

Raymond Rakestraw was arrested for driving under the influence and then released for treatment of his injuries to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, where he was transported by a REACH air ambulance, the CHP said.

Both of the Rakestraws were wearing their seat belts, and the vehicle's airbags deployed, the CHP said.

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written by a guest, November 01, 2013
Why wasn't Mr Rakestraw sent to Saint Helena Hosp of Clearlake?
According to the following quote taken from a article of just a few days ago, here's the answer to your question:
"The overwhelming reason why we transfer patients out of the area is so that the patient may receive a higher level of care."
So, there you go. SHHClearlake honchos claim one day to being able to provide Oh Wow, Great care to patients both in ER and admitted to the Hospital itself because the Clearlake Hosp ER is being increased in size so as to be able to treat more people in the ER...and today those same people are apparently trying to get readers to forget the Bigger Better ER babble of just a few days ago.
The people were here from Crescent City; I just don't understand why Mr R was sent so far away from home, family, friends who might want to visit him...I mean, wasn't the ER in Clearlake's hospital made larger in order to be able to provide better patient care HERE?
Did the former Redbud Hosp not hire enough new docs to go along with spiffing-up its' ER?
Of course when Redbud Hosp was still known by that name it got a facelift-type remodel; that TOO was supposed to bring about better care at the then-Redbud.
written by Marzocco, November 01, 2013
Grapedude, do you realize that 90% of all our Lake County senior citizens and many other drivers would not be able to drive if DMV blindly followed your suggestions? Do we really want DMV to make the decision to stop people driving based only of what kind of medication they take, regardless if they are affected or not? Kind of a drastic Orwellian guideline don't you think? Every person reacts to medications differently. Just because you reacted badly to your medication does it mean everybody should be penalized? I don't think so.

I am taking medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol since at least 10 years ago. However, the first time I take new medications I do it at home, and I don't drive for a couple of days to make sure the possible side effects do not include falling asleep, passing out or become disoriented.
And if I have to take any medication in the doctor office or the hospital, if the doctor forgets to warn me, it is MY responsibility to ask what the possible side effects could be before taking them, unless I have my wife with me who can drive me home.
Why didn't they transport Raymond to St. Helena ( Old RedBud )
written by Grapedude, November 01, 2013
I read in yesterdays Lake County News that St. Helena Hospital Clearlake has TWO beds for trauma needs. That would have saved time, energy, money and faster trauma care, RIGHT !?!?

My heart feels the pain of this man. The prescription medications given to him were for his health, and just maybe ended up ( possibly ) taking his wifes life.

Seems like the Doctors who prescribe meds that effect diving ability need to inform DMV that this driver not be allowed to drive. I know it is hard to survive without driving, so some other possible form of transportation could be be made available as part of health care ( care ). Just a thought...

I know that doctors write prescription and don't tell you, us, (me) that I should not drive. My doctor gave me four pills one-day in his office and one to take right then, and one take two a day. To see if my blood pressure drops. As I was driving home the darn drug hit me and at hwy29 and hwy175 stop light I ended up blowing stop light. Lucky for me nobody was crossing. I pulled over at the vista point and sat there for about a hour. I called the doctor and told him I was pretty drunk from the pill. He said "OH YEAH, WARNING" do not operate power machines, cars, boats, planes or try and balance your check book. After talking about this with family and friends, the offered to help me with driving. I decided that blood pressure meds were not such a great idea. I did take the other four given to me, but decided it was best for everyone to heal myself without taking drugs. Needless to say, heart meds are handed out like trick or treat candy without full warning. Pretty hard to go back to that doctor for health care. There was zero care in his health care.

Back to the fellow who has to suffer the loss of his wife, the wrath of our DA and court system with possible prison time, and the worst is his own guilt. If I were the CHP investigator, I would be checking out the doctors who prescribed the meds, get a list of all of the people who he wrote prescription medication, and cross reference the names against all the auto wrecks in California. It would take like half hour to see if any pattern pops up. That would be a good idea with all accidents that have prescription medications involved.

written by melissaH713, November 01, 2013
How very sad, for all involved. Thoughts and prayers for the family of the couple, and also to the husband, whom I doubt purposely caused this accident. Just heartbreaking.

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