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May 01st
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Home News Latest Clear Lake Chamber endorses Measure L lake sales tax

Clear Lake Chamber endorses Measure L lake sales tax

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Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce President Alvaro Valencia (left) presents a letter of official endorsement in support of Measure L to Committee to Save the Lake Chairman Jim Magliulo and committee member Victoria Brandon on Tuesday, April 2, 2014. The endorsement was supported unanimously by chamber membership. Photo by Denise Rockenstein/Lake County News.

CLEARLAKE, Calif. – The Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce offered its official endorsement of Measure L during its monthly dinner meeting Tuesday at Kour Thai Restaurant in Clearlake.

Chamber Executive Director Joey Luiz said the endorsement was supported unanimously by the chamber board.

Committee to Save the Lake 2014 Chairman Jim Magliulo was in attendance to accept the endorsement, as was committee member Victoria Brandon, who delivered a presentation about the measure to fill the evening's program.

Measure L is a half-cent sales tax imitative to preserve and restore the health of Clear Lake.

It is a specific tax requiring an expenditure plan and citizens' oversight committee. Annual independent audits are to confirm appropriate spending.

“Clear Lake is Lake County's greatest asset, by far,” Brandon said. “With Measure L we have the opportunity to make an investment in Clear Lake and our own future and the future of our children.”

Brandon said Measure L will help reduce the impacts from toxic, foul-smelling algae and nuisance aquatic weeds.

She said the measure will assist in providing a funding source to continue ongoing aquatic weed mitigation programs that currently utilize one-time, special purpose funds.

The expenditure plan, she said, requires funds be spent specifically on water quality programs, aquatic invasive species prevention programs and the Nuisance Aquatic Weeds and Algae program.

She said Measure L will also provide a source for matching funds in new and ongoing projects that support these programs.

One such project, Brandon said, is the Middle Creek Restoration Project, which will help restore wetlands so they can naturally filter and clean the lake as well as improve wildlife habitat.

She said the $6 million project requires a 50-percent match. She said Measure L includes a set-aside plan that could generate as much as $400,000 for the project in the first two years.

“Then there is the Full Circle Project that gets septic off the lake,” Brandon said. “Measure L would provide leverage with money to use as local match for those grants.”

Brandon said Measure L would assist in ongoing prevention efforts to keep invasive species such as quagga and zebra mussels from entering the lake. She said infestation by these invasive species would severely damage the health of the lake and its fishery.

Brandon said there is a sunset clause of 10 years on the measure. “Our hope is in 10 years, we won't need this (tax) and (programs) will be self-sustaining.”

For more information regarding Measure L, visit .

Correction: The article originally said Measure L was supported by a unanimous vote of the membership. That sentence has been corrected to state that the vote was of the chamber's board.

Email Denise Rockenstein at [email protected] .

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Comments (9)Add Comment
Of course the Chamber of Commerce wants the tax,
written by allegropiano, April 03, 2014
The merchants and farmers will benefit and the locals get to pay and pay and pay. Not feeling the love for this one.
Is Lake County still selling gazzillions of acre feet of water to agri-biz and other counties like Yolo?
written by a guest, April 03, 2014
If the algae blooms are in part due to lower lake levels then the parties that took the water ought to remediate their share of the problem. Why do the citizens of Lake County get the bill?
Measure L
written by faithrig, April 03, 2014
This was about measure L not filling pot holes. Though I have to agree that nothing has been done about our roads. I've never seen a town with roads in such bad condition and I travel a lot.
As far as measure L goes someone needs to specify what will be done with the lake, they need to make it clear where our money is going.
I'm not happy what I see this city doing as far as new police cars etc. They need to put the money where it needs to go so we can get more visitors again like we use to have. Fix the streets, spend more in advertising to bring more people here from other cities. We have a lot of very talented artist in this county and a diverse culture. Lets get this county back on track with a new reputation instead of the bad one we have.
If measure L will help then so be it, that's a start.
oh yeah
written by gramps, April 03, 2014
10 years to get 2 million,let's put another million in there by eliminating healthcare for council members!
fuzzy math
written by gramps, April 03, 2014
It can produce 400,000 in 2 years,it ends in10 years,200,000 times 10 years equals 2 million. Just one project needs a fifty percent match on 6 million. I may be wrong but the stores in Ukiah are probably likng this tax.
What a CROC
written by kdeanstevens, April 03, 2014
Another LIE to get people to believe the city will do what it promises AGAIN! they stand in celebration as they all salute the new tax on the citizens of this county. Instead of doing what they have promised many times before with all the other "new" taxes. But of course the last time they needed a new police station and then they needed all new computers and then they needed all new furniture then they all needed new cars etc etc etc aren't you people sick and tired of all their LIES just to get more money out of you? I for one have been here 24 years and have never seen them do ONE thing they said they would do..... EXCEPT "take" more of OUR money so we can see their new growth that has absolutely nothing to do with what they promise over and over and over again and NOT ONCE has OUR city grown from any of their LIES! We are the utopia of California and the only thing I've seen grow in 24 years is their income Don't ever forget they LIE LIE LIE!!!!! One day it's for pot holes the next it's for the lake but never goes to anything they say, then then then always LIES........ Aren't you sick of it YET?
What do pot holes have to do with this measure
written by a guest, April 03, 2014
I don't quite see what how to fill pot holes has to do with this measure. The measure (A) does nothing to fund pot hole filling and (B) the relative competence of the city of Clearlake is irrelevant since they will not be running the program. How about discussing the relative merits of this measure rather than deflecting the issue onto something that has NOTHING to do with the measure. Focus.
Tax will do no good
written by Vogel, April 03, 2014
A road tax in Clearlake will do no good at all. The department that does the street repairs , lol , does not know how to repair the pot holes etc correctly. I personally have seen the street crew put hot asphalt into pot holes that are full of water, They also, when things are dry , do not clean out the pot hole but just put asphalt into the hole, drive over it and leave. By doing it this way they are just throwing good money after bad, Also the cracks on Olympic drive have been there and getting worse for the past 3 years , yet the city does nothing about this problem. As I have stated before , if the city showed good faith and trained their people how to repair pot holes and cracks properly , it would go a long way toward trusting the city. As it stands now , I feel the tax money would be used for other projects. I feel this way because of the cities past record.
Here it comes again....
written by Rex, April 03, 2014 invasive species attacking your wallet!

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