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Jun 24th
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Home News Education Education Carlé Chronicle: Activity updates and 'the econ game'

Carlé Chronicle: Activity updates and 'the econ game'

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On Jan. 19 Desiree Bauer and Ashlee Ables had their portfolio celebrations. Congratulations to these two for doing such a great job.

Ms. Ables also was chosen by the staff to be this week's student of the week. Teacher Verna Rogers stated that Abels was her best community service worker.

The students of Carlé voted on a lunch activity for the school. The activity chosen was Carlé Idol, however there was a lack of participants so there was a re-vote and now there will be an arm wrestling competition.

The arm wresting competition is held annually and is a Carlé tradition. The first, second and third place winners will receive a medallion from Alan Siegel's media class designed by Ms. Bauer.

The Rebekahs Lodge dinner will be held again next weekend, with the help of four Carlé student volunteers.

Carlé students and staff would like to thank the Soroptimists for supporting the student-staff luncheon.

The Carlé newspaper crew would like to thank Carol Hanson, Pam Pitkin, Alberta Dodge and Peggy Seifert. Student Bauer made thank you plaques for each of these wonderful ladies.

Carlé would like to give a shout out to Rebecca Englander and Derek Grace. These Carlé graduates and college students are constantly returning to help in the media room. Siegel took them out to lunch last Friday.

A mug designed by Ms. Ables from Siegel's media class will be given to Sally Lalonde, the lead bus driver, as a thanks for all that she does.

Siegel's economics class is in the middle of what Carlé calls “the econ game.” The students involved are all given a “life” where they get to make economic decisions similar to what a person may face in real life. They also have to balance a checkbook and they get chance cards that can dramatically
change their situation.

At the end the three student who did the best in “life” will be awarded a plaque from Siegel's media room one again designed by student Desiree Bauer.

Siegel's media class is holding a mouse pad competition. The end date has not been set yet, however as soon as a student's design is approved it can be printed. The only rules are that it has to be Carlé related and school appropriate.

That is all for now, have a great week!

Jade Fox is a student at Carlé Continuation High School in Lower Lake, Calif.

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