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May 29th
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Home News Latest 4.3-magnitude quake rattles Lake County; hundreds of shake reports submitted

4.3-magnitude quake rattles Lake County; hundreds of shake reports submitted

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COBB, Calif. – A Sunday night quake with its epicenter on Cobb Mountain received hundreds of shake reports from around Northern California.

The quake, which occurred at 8:47 p.m., initially was reported as being 4.4 in magnitude, but was later dialed back slightly to 4.3 after it was reviewed by a seismologist, according to a U.S. Geological Survey report.

Centered three miles east of The Geysers geothermal steamfield, three miles south southwest of Cobb and three miles west northwest of Anderson Springs, the earthquake occurred at a depth of two-tenths of a mile, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

By 1 a.m. Sunday the U.S. Geological Survey had received approximately 336 shake reports from 51 zip codes around California.

Reports came in from around Lake County, with many more submitted from residents in Napa and Sonoma counties, communities around the Bay Area and even from Turlock, located more than 200 miles away in the Central Valley.

A 2.6-magnitude temblor occurred eight minutes after the bigger quake, centered two miles west northwest of Anderson Springs at the depth of about a mile, the survey reported.

According to Lake County News records, the last quake measuring 4.0 or above in The Geysers area occurred a year ago this month, when a 4.5-magnitude quake was recorded one mile from The Geysers.

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good point
written by hbhbglenn, February 13, 2012
I still say, no more expansion, no more drilling! We've been lucky so far, lets stop playing Russian Roulette with a loaded volcano.
hbhbglenn - you may as
written by Donna Christopher, February 13, 2012
well kick back and put Jimmy Buffett's Volcano on and enjoy. The geysers geo aren't going anywhere. Where would we pump our treated effluent? The county signed a deal with the devil a long time ago. Does make me wonder what that 'mud' really is thosmilies/shocked.gif
written by a guest, February 13, 2012
We live very near Austin park in Clearlake and did not feel anything.
Why do we miss all of the fun?
how close is this to the latest drill site?
written by hbhbglenn, February 13, 2012
Every night I see the intensely bright lights from the latest drill site where our lives are being bet against the pitance the company gives us for their right to tempt fate.

The Java mud volcano, which was caused by drilling, is expected to continue somewhere between 26 and 100 more years, spewing 100,000 cubic yards of mud a day. Rest assured however that the company responsible, is doing everything in it's power to prevent any liability being placed on them.

Rest assured also that they offered the exact same kind of bland assurances to residents(assuming they spoke with them at all), that they knew what they were doing, and everything is under control. Bottom line is that we are betting our lives that their drilling willl not result in similar results as in Java. If we win we get a few dollars per citizen donated to the county budget. If we lose you can expect nothing from the company other than the same sort of abuse they are recieving in Java, where an entire community is being destroyed, or for that matter the same reponse as Tepco is giving Japan, or BP gave us when their negligence destroyed the Gulf..

We should stop allowing this stupid gamble. Stop allowing more drilling into a massive volcano.
To Woo Hoo
written by a guest, February 13, 2012
I'll just be you wish you lived here, hunh?
Woo Hoo
written by warlock, February 13, 2012
It is 2012, prepare to die Cobbites!
0.2 Depth
written by a guest, February 13, 2012
This is an incredably shallow quake, most Geysers quakes are are 2-miles down. If the 2/10ths holds up it will be very rare.
A lot of shaken goin' on
written by writingrammy, February 13, 2012
Definitelly was a good shaker for around here.

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