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May 05th
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Home News Latest Governor proposes cuts to IHSS program; hearing scheduled this week

Governor proposes cuts to IHSS program; hearing scheduled this week

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LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – This week an Assembly budget committee is set to discuss the governor's proposed cuts for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) clients in the coming budget year.

Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services will discuss the Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed reduction to the IHSS program as part of a hearing on Wednesday, April 11, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 437 of the Capitol.

The IHSS Program helps more than 425,000 low-income seniors and people with disabilities across California live safely in their own homes. By doing so, IHSS prevents clients from being placed in more costly care facilities.

As part of his 2012-13 budget, Brown is proposing to eliminate domestic and related care services – such as laundry, food shopping, cooking, and general housework – for most IHSS participants living with others, a change that is estimated to impact approximately 254,000 people.

The California Budget Project said the governor's proposal would cut state spending on IHSS by $207 million in 2012-13 and result in the loss of $424 million in county and federal funds, for a total reduction of $631 million.

In Lake County, an estimated 1,020 IHSS clients would lose benefits totaling approximately $3,267,000, according to a California Budget Project report on the proposed cuts.

The Legislative Analyst's Office estimated that affected IHSS participants would lose an average of nine to 14 service hours per month, even in cases where they live with an unrelated individual who is not willing or able to do the listed domestic tasks.

The proposal would not apply to households in which an individual lives only with other IHSS participants or where other members of the household are unable to perform the needed tasks due to a medical condition, the California Budget Project reported.

The Legislative Analyst's Office's analysis of the proposed cuts to IHSS also noted that the governor is proposing to make IHSS a Medi-Cal managed care benefit, which “creates an opportunity for the Legislature to consider the future of the program.”

The report continued. “We find that the Governor's proposal for budget–year savings – the elimination of domestic and related care services for most IHSS recipients who live with other people – raises significant policy and legal concerns.”

As a result, the Legislative Analyst's Office is proposing that the Legislature consider two savings alternatives: the extension of the 3.6 percent across–the–board reduction in hours and the reenactment of the reduction in state participation in provider wages, both of which would achieve some state general fund savings in the budget year.

“We think that our alternatives pose less legal risks and implementation challenges than the Governor's proposal to achieve budget–year savings,” the report states.

IHSS already has been subject to cuts in recent years.

Cuts were made in the 2009-10 budget year and all participants had their hours reduced by 3.6 percent in 2010-11.

In addition, an additional 20 percent “trigger” cut resulting from the state being below its revenue target was implemented by state officials last December. A federal court injunction blocked that cut from taking place, according to homecare providers union, UDW, which joined with other advocate organizations to stop the cut.

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i am ready
written by babawawasrk, April 11, 2012
I might need this soon
IHSS? "Cut it out!," says Gov
written by ca215, April 11, 2012
As one of multi-(what?) millions? of IHSS recipients and also being an onsite person here in CA when the man then nicknamed Governor Moonbeam because of his Great Ideas, oh sure, that won't need any forks stuck into his ideas for a long time to come because they are just flat WRONG, and it naturally follows that those ideas are nowhere near done, to revive a tired old joke...
And speaking of tired jokes consider the present Gov. He's mincing along precisely in the footsteps of his predecessor the UberSturm-Fuhrer Schwarzennegger, second bad actor after R Reagan to attain the Governor's chair in Sacramento.

Ah-Nahld & Jerry: like most other politicians those two did their "best" to make it easy for formerly-American large businesses, factories, etc., to leave the US & set up shop in other countries so as to not have to pay US business taxes + other things to numerous to mention.

Mr present Gov and Mr former Gov, both of you are poor representations of what this State needs as leaders. All Ah-nahld wanted to do was to shred Gov-based programs that aided the disenfranchised, the working poor. He likely feels he did a good job as Gov; he is wrong.

Re: IHSS cut-backs: Stupid, lame brained, genocidal Leaders (HA!) of this State and country must have no idea of what is meant by: "manage somehow to manage with Home Services help." Generally that help means not enough hours granted by The Authority and not enough money paid to the people who do the work.

I believe it was last year when IHSS stated that if IHSS workers took certain classes from IHSS, those people would receive an increase in pay.
A large number of the IHSS care takers took the classes and passed. Did they get their few extra dollars of compensaton for their time and expertise? HA! Lying jerks...

Add to the IHSS pay cuts the cuts in SSI income for disabled people. One more thing to make it so that disabled/elderly to remain at home as compared to going to a nursing facility.

Anything wrong with taxing the corporations that currently pay little to no taxes to this country because the wrong headed Gov't allowed the corp honchos to take their firms off-Continent to countries wherein people who are housed in falling-down concrete hovels complete with all the rodents and cockroaches they can tolerate?

It's not just IHSS where there are problems, either. Not just the mega-corps based in Asia, etc., not just MediCal/ MediCare when both agencies are cutting out needed services just because they can and do not have to justify any reasons for such cuts.
Nearly every large corp has set up bases for factories and other businesses across the water from here. It's ridiculous that those corps had only to leave this country...while still maintaining cover-addresses IN this country so that some people will not know the corps have fled the sinking ship like rats.

If more people could afford to, they would get passports updated, pack bare necessities, get permission to re-settle in another country, and pull all strings necessary so that coming back here would not be forced onto them.
The people who can barely manage to stay alive here would be so much better off than they now are.

Has anyone else noticed recently made tv commercials holding such words as "Buy this thing that is made in the United States?" I think the number of Made in USA commercials now refers to four or five products, amazing.

WE HAVE TO get companies back into this country which will go back into manufacture of everything that is now not made here. Used to be, but no more. And the former and new Govs are STILL jerks. I'm so glad I voted for neither one of them.
love it or leave it
written by love it or leave it, April 10, 2012
of course these changes are proposed by people (elected officials) who will never be affected by the outcome .....their benefits are strong and we the people who provide them (elected officials) with these outstanding benefits, will ensure they are taken care of at the cost of our sick poor and handicapped hey I got an idea maybe if we stop taking care of people who are here in our state illegaly using benefits meant to be for us californians from hospitals to our justice systems and our medicare medical and social networks meant for our citizens lets start here and work together and take controll of our taxes and how and who they are spent on......let them eat cake
written by a guest, April 10, 2012
Maybe they should cut the people that show up on the police logs as IHSS workers!
but the good news is...
written by smurf, April 10, 2012
the state is about to spend $ 2 billion to get the high speed rail project going, because there is no other way to get to southern california in a hurry-except for airplanes. Of course the train won't be all that fast as it will have to stop every few miles but hey, the important thing is we won't be wasting all that money on old people and gimps who are living all high on the hog with their fancy IHSS! And all those IHSS workers getting rich working for $9 bucks an hour can spend some of their swag on riding our shiny new trains that almost go half as fast as an airplane when they are actually moving, see, its a win-win!
written by a guest, April 10, 2012
What say let 'em all get jobs for Rob Brown and go into bison farming>smilies/cheesy.gif
PS- correction
written by a guest, April 10, 2012
..."knowing they were THERE..."
Proposed IHSS cuts.................
written by a guest, April 10, 2012
This could be catastrophic to recipients, our 2 ER's and few rest homes, and, always the last to be considered: the hard-working IHSS employees of Lake County. I know aobut the less than 5% of scammers that the media latches on to- after all, we live in a tabloid sensibility- but as a social worker here for the past 11 years; I have met some of the true heroes and sheroes put there on the front lines and knowing they were they, eased my mind, knowing someone was there, providing necessary care- putting up with challenges most others would not even consider. Have a heart, for God's sake.

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