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Aug 26th
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LeVasseur: Don't be fooled by Measure D

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If you love the beautiful views of Lake County, want your property not to lose more value, or want to enjoy nature through hiking, painting or photography, there is a threat to all those interests called Measure D.

Measure D is NOT about medical marijuana; it is about changing the zoning restrictions.

Allowing Measure D could be our worst mistake since handing over water rights and control of the geyser fields.

Land and the lake are our best remaining resources here. Let's think like guardians and not lose this, too.

If you bought a property you probably looked at the neighborhood before you purchased. If Measure D passes all you have invested in will change, out of our control.

Articles have been published in media all the way down the coast inviting people to join a land grab here and plant marijuana in large quantities. These people do not care about Lake County; it is all about large profit.

You can already see examples of this mushrooming all over the hillsides and it is very ugly. It will spread like wildfire if the measure is not defeated.

Growers are building and grading without permits and scraping the areas free of natural vegetation without regard to runoff nutrients, pesticides and fertilizers.

Lots on hills and on the lake that were previously unbuildable will now be sold by disgruntled owners to growers.

What will happen when the mud all rolls down and chokes the lake? How will our hills look, scarred by the ugly grow plots? Will we scare away vacationers who still come here? We may as well kiss this paradise goodbye if we allow Measure D to pass.

I was shocked to hear how many people are afraid to walk in their own neighborhoods and even their own yards. Much more of this loss of freedom will be on its way unless we take our stand.

This measure needs to be rewritten to protect property owners and residents who live here.

Read the measure; it is short and the flaws are very glaring – you will be shocked.  

Please do your share of protecting our unique and fragile lake area by voting NO on Measure D.

Barbara LeVasseur lives in Nice, Calif.

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written by Greg_Cornish, June 02, 2012
Can you see this?
Re: G_Cornish, "Hard to escape"
written by ca215, May 18, 2012
Something seems to be wrong, either with my computer or with being able to access you tube's offerings. A try to get to whatever happened to some home somewhere, the owner of the home according to your post tried to put up the home as a rental and I guess there was a problem of some sort...something wrong with the home...not sure because the result of copy-pasting the you tube contact search-for-(whatever)-here resulted in: No video results for “watch?v=HbwlaMz78WE”

Would you consider stating in words what the possibly-intended photos might have shown?

Since the post is attached to one of two articles in todays' regarding either Measure D or Prop 29, there seems to be some confusion as to what is which or which is what, we might surmise the now-dead ole' folks were gasp growing mj. Or it might have been MMJ; as said already no results show up when an attempt is made to track down what is punching your "NO!" button.

Thanks in advance of your possible cooperation...
This county
written by anonymouse, May 15, 2012
is being overrun with pot growers and I don't like it. Please vote no on measure D.
written by Marzocco, May 15, 2012
Reading these posts I know for sure what pot does NOT cure. Paranoia suffered by people who believe large corporations are blocking cures for deseases, the unbelievable belief that Measure D will magically make disappear cartels and solve unemployment, increase tax revenues.
I'm done
written by Greg_Cornish, May 15, 2012
The best way to fight Measure D is to just let the Proponents have the floor.
So, do you hear this?
written by Greg_Cornish, May 15, 2012
National Breast Cancer Foundation
A proponent of prop D thinks Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Breast Cancer Alliance, American Cancer Society, American Childhood Cancer Organization, St. Jude's Hospital are rip-off organization try to keep cancer alive so the can keep bringing in money.
Yes JFord
written by Greg_Cornish, May 15, 2012
Cancer research is a huge communist plot. I see. hmm LCN could you please supply us with an eye roll smiley? Now I know which people believe in contrails too. So Barbara, did you know that's why they are lowering you home values, increasing crime and raping the environment? They are curing cancer!
written by Jford, May 15, 2012
I know for a fact, that a few, if not all of the Dispensaries gave to their local charities among other contributary donations. That's not what this is about - The Cannabis market has not even started, Soon, very soon.
As far as cancer goes there are several studies showing promise of Cannabis improving, if not curing cancer cells.
The "American Cancer Society" is looking for anything other than a cure for cancer, don't be fooled. They are the biggest thieves in charitable orgs. Raking in millions a month to not only, not cure cancer, but to suppress any hopeful cures. Radiation and Chemotherapy, PLEASE let me die first.
written by Marzocco, May 15, 2012
Greg in your list of contributions by grape growers you forgot to mention the thousand of dollars donated each year by the Lake County Wine Alliance. As stated in their press release, "Five senior centers, five high schools, three high school programs and eight nonprofit organizations have been selected as beneficiaries of this year’s Lake County Wine Auction." which earned $65,000.
How may dollars will be contributed by the marijuana home growers to local students? The only think they'll contribute will be the upsurge in pot use by those students.

Artmaiden wrote Or you could get cancer and realize, hopefully in time, that cannabis cures cancer with no side-effects.

Wow. I didn't know we had found a cure for cancer. You better let the Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Organization know about pot CURING cancer so they can stop all their researches.
written by Jford, May 15, 2012
I guess I used a poor choice of words when I said Winery "accidents" - I should have said Winery related "accidents. As in Traffic Fatalities- by the thousands every year.
I'm not for or against Measure D, yet. I grow mine by the State's standard, which is fair. But I know reality and I don't like being on the lying side and I see alot more lies thrown on the anti D side.
As for Erosion pictures- if you were to call the State Water Board, show them the pictures - this guy would have to pay thousands for the Control, I'm guessing about $1500 material and $2000 labor. If he can't resolve it - big trouble ($$$$). However most Cannabis is grown during the grading season and controls won't apply until october (no rain).
Winery related accidents?
written by Greg_Cornish, May 15, 2012
That made me smile. I come from a southern Minnesota farm.

That's the farm that's still in my family. I was born in that house. That's me on the back of that sheep. Three years ago while visiting my brother who lives there I slept in the same room I was born in. How many folks can say they've have that privilege?. Winery accidents? Winery accidents are farm accidents. I'm familiar with farm accidents. I am an expert. I grew up and was surrounded by farming so don't BS me. I've been kicked by more cows while hand milking them than you've smoked joints. People who chose farming as an honorable but hard working way of life know there are going to be accidents. That's the risk they take to provide you food and drink.

My cousin Carroll Bell now living on a ranch in Wyoming has an artificial leg from a farming accident on a power take-off. A year after he lost his leg he went to work as a welder in an oil field and now at the age of 70 bales 10,000 acres of hay with his 50 year old wife. The guy in town here who was 40 years old who lost his leg sits on his rear smoking prescription joints, collecting entitlements and complaining about phantom pains.

Six weeks after an old farmer Merton Glaubitz lost his leg in a farm accident and was rehabbed he was crawling back onto a tractor to plow his fields. He didn't need to feel sorry for himself and resort to getting addicted to pain meds or smoke marijuana.

Honorable farmers know the risks of accidents. Some accidents kill. There's a huge distinction between a farm accident and being murdered because you came to close to a marijuana grow. As far as the people who signed this petition... they were lied to by the petitioners. They were told they were limiting marijuana growth by signing this. They weren't told that they were signing something that word allow marijuana to be grown in great numbers, on vacant lots, on the watershed, that trees could be clear cut, and conditions set for medicinal marijuana users to start raising it commercially.

CA215 is to provide just enough for medicinal use, nothing more. Everyone in their right mind knows this need was met before they were allowed to grow six plants. When the people who signed this petition realize they were lied to, I hope they rebel in great numbers.

I'm not predicting who'll win the vote on D. I'm just hoping it fails. I've seen to many strange things happen in politics. I'm a former Democrat, now Independent who is very happy the writers of Measure D picked a Republican Primary to hold their vote on Marijuana!
NOBODY gets away with erosion
written by Jford, May 15, 2012
If you disturb a 1/4 acre or more you have to comply with state code, regarding erosion control. Private property or commercial, it is all the same, you must comply with State law. Measure D is NOT going to change that. I had a neighbor, who thought he was being slick, because no one could see what he was doing, I did. He disturbed at least a 1/4 acre grading a building pad with no permits and no erosion protection. Guess what - I called the State Water Control Board. 2 days later I saw a crew of mexicans installing erosion control materials. IT is state law and no one can get away with it. So your erosion argument is bogus. Greg, your picture of hillside plots definately needs erosion control - I suggest calling the California Water Control Board and having that site either shut down or the proper controls in place. smilies/cool.gif
Don't fool yourself
written by Jford, May 15, 2012
Let's see - of all the groups against Measure D - they might add up to 100 people, oh plus greg = 101. The people who put it on the ballot was over 2000 people. The groups against measure D are not going to sway the people who put it on the ballot. Rob Brown can kick and scream and lie to the ends of the earth, but he isn't going to sway the people who put it on the ballot.smilies/shocked.gif This is going to be great, democracy in action! Can't wait!!!

And Greg, nice pictures of the wineries, but that beauty hides some awful truths. Like dwindeling aquafirs or the pesticides leaching into the Aquafirs, lake, etc (same as you claim). Not to mention the thousands of people who die each year in Winery related "accidents". The monocrops (vineyards) will come back to haunt us when disease or pests invade. Using Wineries to win your case is defeating in itself.
written by jmadison, May 15, 2012
don't worry Greg and Barbara. I think Frog Man is the only one voting for D. D will just open up a huge can of worms. If they could find a way to tax it and regulate it I may be a little more willing to back mmj farming.
written by Greg_Cornish, May 15, 2012
Trust me, this is getting to be the norm around here. If you ever come up The Nice Lucerne Cutoff toward Nice, look up into the hills on your left. There are more ugly boxes there with no permits drawn, no precautions taken against erosion and is an example of wildlife corridors being shut down gradually as the have all over the Midwest by other crops.

These ugly examples are showing up all over the county so I encourage you to start driving the back roads along the edges of town.

There is an over abundance of medicinal marijuana and growers can't help pay their fair share as wineries do, who commit dollars in abundance to the community.

Wineries contribute
Taxable jobs with health benefits
Follow the letter of the law with permits established by citizenry
Culture and tradition
Improved property vale
I can walk by a winery without fear of being shot.

Marijuana contributes
Grows without permits
Grows without supervision
Grows with no regard for erosion and clear cutting.
Newspaper headlines about home invasions and murders and beatings.
Noisey neighbors with police scanners
Fear of hiking and being shot

I love it when you pro Measure D folks keep try to compare your growing to the advent of wineries. It's laughable. In most cases the wineries are taking over old pear and walnut groves that are no longer viable because the to things are being grown in countries that provide them to us cheaper. As jobs disappear the wineries have established vineyards in their place. I guess you think that marijuana will bring the beauty into the area in place of pear and walnut trees? Marijuana will bring tax money and culture? You cannot associate a tax or fee with anything federally illegal so marijuana is virtually useless to a community.

Anyone who can't find medicinal marijuana in this current climate is an idiot.

I went to an event last night and was met with nothing but enthusiasm over the chance to vote down Measure D. Everyone is well aware that this measure has nothing to do with medicinal use and they don't want this foot in the door proposal to come close to passing. Whoever wrote this has probably done more harm to medicinal marijuana than good. Many folks I talk to about CA 215 are wishing they had their vote back because the now realize that growers for money are ruining it for everyone.

Barbara Muller
Measure D
written by Barbara LeVasseur, May 14, 2012
I believe what you are referring to, proposition 29, is a proposed cigarette tax but Measure D is about marijuana growth allowances. Thanks for your support on "down with measure D". It seems there is a lot of support all over the county on saying "no on D". So many people love this place and want to protect it from attacks on it's natural beauty and the joy we have living here. We don't want that destroyed. From the talk that is going around people are getting pretty mad about this issue and things may be going in the opposite direction soon for the pot growers.
This is for Tom
written by artmaiden, May 14, 2012
Tom, don't stop at this PBS special; use your google to learn more.

And about the photos shown here: nice intentionally bad example of a cannabis growth. I've never seen it that way so that's an extreme example. Also I happen to like the hills natural, with only native plants, like they are when "undeveloped". Away with the grapes, we alreay have Napa.
written by Marzocco, May 14, 2012
ca215. I believe you are right. I was thinking of somebody else.
Having said that I hope Prop 29 will fail miserably. We already have enough marijuana growing in our county. Allowing individual people to grow pot is not going to eliminate cartels. With Prop 29 all we'll do is add people poisoning and damaging our land.

As long as our state is one of the few allowing people to grow pot nothing will change. California will become the pot Netflix or Amazon for the rest of the country.

That Prop 29 is bad is corroborated by the fact that not only law enforcement agencies are against it. The opposition includes almost every local legal entity from city, businesses, teachers to the Sierra Club.
the county
written by anonymouse, May 13, 2012
is being overrun with pot growers and I don't like it. Please vote no on measure D.
written by jmadison, May 13, 2012
D will fail. I don't even think it will be close. We are tired of pot growers/dealers. Luckily, law enforcement lets us smoke it as long as we don't get carried away with it. ie)growing to export
Hard to escape
written by Greg_Cornish, May 13, 2012
The effects of medical marijuana.

Because you have folks skirting the rules to make money. How would you feel if just a few years ago a gentle older couple lived next door to you then passed. Until their death they had kept it up. A new owner started renting it out only to find it in the following shape, caused by people who raised medical marijuana.

No sooner did they leave (condemned home) than the following springs up in the back yard (photos). Suddenly a nice open area turns into a place you fear even to investigate and law enforcement advises you not to go anymore to exercise. You start feeling boxed in and wondering why in hell you ever voted for CA 215 in the first place. However, having the examples at hand you now do and realizing that the majority of the marijuana growers are of low moral value and filled only with selfishness you come to the conclusion that you never want them to write their own legislation.

I advise you to read the following articles about a town Michigan J Frog is very familiar with.

Barbara Muller
let's get back on track
written by Barbara LeVasseur, May 13, 2012
I am sorry to see this thread unravel into personal comments so far from the real issue. I had hoped to get a serious discussion going and see both sides. I am coming from a point of view of a property owner and person who wants to enjoy nature, protecting those things is my biggest concern. Editorials are limited in size so I had to leave out other important concerns such as the safety of children. I know a lot of people who have the same concerns as I do about Measure D. I have a few friends who use medical marijuana who do not feel Measure D is the solution and they do not feel their use or access to it is threatened. Most everyone I know thinks this is some people wanting to make big profits at the expense of others,get a job. It is so very transparent it is laughable. I don't even mind some recreational use of it if that's what you want to do with your life, just please stay off the roads.
To the fellow who thinks I am speaking for Rob,pal, I can speak for myself.
Marzocco typed:
written by ca215, May 13, 2012
Everybody and their cousin who have posted on this boards know that Dwaine and Michigan J. Frog are the same person. He finally admitted it some time ago.
You have posted here for quite a while and have even replied to some of the Frog's posting.
So why are you playing coy when replying to Tom?
Well let's see. I am not 'everybody and their cousin.' I am in no way that I know of related to any board-posters. In a lot of cases that is a good thing.
So what if I replied to someone usernamed Frog?
And 'COY?' What? I do not even know how to BE coy and to continue I do not read coyness in my words to the person usernamed Tom.

What matter if I reply to persons one through infinity and think that username #1 and username #2 are two separate entities, not that #1 and #2 are one person writing/responding to himself or herself?

I'm sorry you seem to be so bored with your life that you must Log In here and insist I know that That Person and That Person are really ONE person. Also sorry to have to tell you that you are wrong: I did not know that. How was I to know that and how is it that you can convince yourself I did know? Heck I don't even know now that 1 & 2 are absolutely the same person.

Didn't happen to be in a bunch of people waiting to be served at grocery store, post office, PG&E substation, doctor's office, or any other place I go to on any sort of regular basis and overhear a voice call out "Hey Dwain!," then "Hey Michael J Frog!..." and observe the same person respond to both names. It does seem that leaping to conclusions will have to be removed from your exercise routine.
written by Marzocco, May 12, 2012
Everybody and their cousin who have posted on this boards know that Dwaine and Michigan J. Frog are the same person. He finally admitted it some time ago.
You have posted here for quite a while and have even replied to some of the Frog's posting.
So why are you playing coy when replying to Tom?
Oh, Tom! Please forgive me!!
written by ca215, May 12, 2012
I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart for my error.
Sorry, also, because I have no idea why "Dwain," whoever that person is, is mentioned in your Gee ca215, can't you READ?-toned post. If you feel I have somehow injured "Dwain" I will apologize to that person if whoever it is ever says anything in print or spoken word and I happpen to be nearby.
One odd thing here is that I've read through all the posts on this page and cannot find even one supposedly written by someone named Dwain. If I'm going blind and just missed Dwain Whomever's words please let me know where they are/what was said. Okay? Thanks.

Now I have a question: Is 'cannibus' the vehicle which transports mmj-patients to where they may find dispensaries open and ready to sell?
Not enough people at the table when D was drafted.
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
Or someone made the mistake of asking, "Hey, shall we burn one first?"
written by tom, May 11, 2012
The claim that pot cures cancer was made by the first commenter, artmaiden, and was not made in the original article. Dwain posts info from National Cancer Institute showing decrease in tumors in mice and rats from injections of cannibus. From that to the assertion that pot cures cancer is a stretch. And none of that is really the point. It's about total legalization at the national level so that the illegal growers can be stopped. Measure D isn't going to stop illegal grows and due to its poor wording will most likely encourage them. Not enough people at the table when D was drafted.
When Dwain says its not rezoning, the following is from Measure D
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
72A.2 Definitions
(a) Parcel: A specific plot of land in Lake County designated by the Lake County
Assessor with an Assessor's Parcel Number, or APN.
(b) Zoning Districts: “A” is Agricultural District; “APZ” is Agricultural Preserve
District; “R1” is Single Family Residential District; “R2” is Two-Family
Residential District, “RL” is Rural Lands District; “RR” is Rural Residential District;
“SR” is Suburban Reserve District; and “TPZ” is Timberland Preserve District.

72A.3 Uses Permitted
1. Cultivation of medical marijuana is an allowed use outdoors on parcels within the
R1, R2, SR, RR, RL, A, APZ and TPZ base zoning districts. Cultivation authorized
by this Section is subject to the following criteria:

Dwain doesn't think you are smart enough to think, "I see what they did there! They placed absolutely no zoning restriction on growers."
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
Here are some statements YOU wrote:

Measure D is...

"Harmful to our families, our communities and our small town quality of life" "More Home Invasion Robberies" "More Violent Crime" "More Drug Dealers" "More Gang Violence" "Jeopardizing Children's Safety" "Measure D is a public safety disaster"

You are so good for laugh Dwain because you accuse me of lying and then quote something from someone else's brochure or letter and say I said it. Here Is your opportunity to prove you are truthful. Find anywhere I "wrote" the above statements and show me a link. My horse in this race is the scenic value, tourist industry and the environment of Lake County.

The concerns you mention above are from many other residents. I never once uttered them or wrote them.

Want to try again?

If you want to live in a pot field you should move to Arcata. Heck, maybe even run for office there.

People are complaining you are ruining the reputation of cartoons also.
Michigan J. Frog
Greg Cornish
written by Michigan J. Frog, May 11, 2012
Reality? Greg, what a joke.

Here are some statements YOU wrote:

Measure D is...

"harmful to our families, our communities and our small town quality of life"
"More Home Invasion Robberies"
"More Violent Crime"
"More Drug Dealers"
"More Gang Violence"
"Jeopardizing Children's Safety"
"Measure D is a public safety disaster"


Greg, if you think the above is reality, you have a mental disease. And I am NOT kidding.

Other folks, please read the the measure for yourself.

Opponents are pulling out all the stops, including reality checks.

Of note late is the claim that Measure D somehow changes zoning in Lake County. This ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

written by ca215, May 11, 2012
Just who claimed, Tom, that cannabis cures cancer? I read the article several times and just cannot seem to find mention of any person saying such a thing.

FYI: What THC which is the operative ingredient in mj does do is to ease the cancer sufferer's reaction to what FDA, NIH, etc., claim is the super-whoopie This Will Work treatment of the majority of cancer patients, chemo "therapy" and radiation. Both chemo and rads help to kill the cancer patients.
Know any friends who have cancer of any sort and have been convinced to accept chemo/rads? If you see those people regularly, please notice the friend looks ever thinner, more gray-complected, extremely exhausted. Anyone suppose that the worse-and-worse appearance of those friends might possibly be caused by treatment which has killed more people than it has cured? Seems to me that vomiting repeatedly each 24 hours just might ("might." Sure.) have more than one or two things to do with the imminent death of those friends...and then the cancer has a partner dedicated to insuring the death of the people.

So far as I can figure out the only way to avoid cancer in this toxic world is to not be born.
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
I'd really like to know what drives and motivates so much lying. Are you guys stoned on something???

Is that was Marijuana does Dwain? I myself am addicted to reality.

You've been a big help to Anti measure D folks Dwain. We'd like to thank you for that. After this is over I'll send you a gift certificate to Alice's Restaurant.
Michigan J. Frog
Cannabis and cancer
written by Michigan J. Frog, May 11, 2012
Just for your information.
Michigan J. Frog
written by Michigan J. Frog, May 11, 2012
More baloney and lies.

Some of the most outlandish idiot statements ever penned around here.

You anti-pot folks are too much!

I'd really like to know what drives and motivates so much lying. Are you guys stoned on something???

Sorry for the typos
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
I wrote that lying on my side on my iPad. smilies/grin.gif
I love the comparison
written by Greg_Cornish, May 11, 2012
Between the wineries and pot growers.

First of all anyone who wants to grow medicinal marijuana in there back yard is not posting here, because we opponents of Measure D are all for that. It's the rape of the landscape and Pot for Money advocates who post here and want folks to grow in large numbers who post hear. We don't like you, we didn't vote for you and you are the criminal type (if you grow in large numbers) until laws change in regard to complete legalization. We who voted for prop 215 have high regard the sick and terminally ill and if marijuana helps them, we want them to have it.

However we are intelligent enough to distinguish between "Growers" and "Medicinal Users". Measure D allowing 84 plants on 7 acres is NOT for medicinal purposes. You types sell the 4th graders.

Growers have already demonstrated their lack of regard for our community. They are hurting the medicinal users.

As for the winery versus growers questions, tell me what you would like to see move in next door.



I don't see how 'land grab'...
written by Rex, May 11, 2012
....& sinking property values correlate.....

the folks I know who moved here for 'marijuana reasons' are not commercial cultivators, just people who want to smoke without looking over their shoulder. CA's progressive legislation allows people to do this.

All the proposed ballot measures, local & state, fall short of the original law's intent. Until MJ is 'free to grow as corn', you will have problems with profiteers & polemicists. How dare we judge the personal habits of others?...

'scuse me now, I'm gonna go get drunk & drive into the Lake.

Except wineries
written by tom, May 11, 2012
(and I think you mean vineyards) are under much stricter controls. And people don't grow grapes illegally, or at least in a way that causes such environmental problems. And there are not the guns and violence and crime associated with grapes. And nobody is talking about taking away legitimate patients rights here. And cannabis does not cure cancer. And nobody has the "right" to destroy the environment for their own profit and greed, which is what large grows are about, not helping people.
wow, she got all the talking points down pat...
written by smurf, May 11, 2012
good work Rob! Oh, and BTW, there is NOTHING in the ordinance that stops grading ordinances from being applied, about 75% of this letter is over-the-top hype, the measure can be opposed using REAL reasons and it is NOT a referendum on growing pot like a lot of people either imagine it or want it to be.
written by artmaiden, May 10, 2012
Sounds like you could be talking about the wineries. Same same.
It so happens that patients have the right to have their medicine. If you prefer big pharma, that's your choice. Don't try to curb other people's rights, or yours might be curbed too, at some point.
Or you could get cancer and realize, hopefully in time, that cannabis cures cancer with no side-effects. Wine does not.

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