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Dec 18th
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Home News Latest Clearlake City Council to consider Measure D stance

Clearlake City Council to consider Measure D stance

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CLEARLAKE, Calif. – This week the Clearlake City Council will discuss whether or not it should take a position regarding the marijuana cultivation initiative on the ballot next month.

The council will meet beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 10, in the council chambers at Clearlake City Hall, 14050 Olympic Drive. TV8 will broadcast the meeting live.

The council will consider taking a position on Measure D, the marijuana cultivation initiative which local voters will vote on June 5.

Rob Brown will make a presentation to the council, asking for it to oppose the measure, which has raised concerns for extending to marijuana growers the same protections offered to commercial agriculture and for allowing large grows in residential areas.

So far the Board of Supervisors and the Lakeport City Council – along with a host of local groups including the Lake County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Sierra Club Lake Group and the Lake County Office of Education Board of Trustees – have taken formal stances against the initiative.

In other business, Phil Dow of the Lake County/City Area Planning Council will make a presentation on the Clearlake Multi-Way Stop Sign Review, which looks at sites where new stop signs could be installed.

The council also will consider recommendations from the Clearlake Redevelopment Oversight Board on the transfer to the city or selling of former redevelopment-owned properties.

Also on Thursday, the council will discuss extending the term of the lease at 4750 Golf Ave., the location of the city’s youth center, with the Lake Community Pride Foundation, and will hold a public hearing to consider the submission of Community Development Block Grant applications.

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look you dopes...
written by smurf, May 10, 2012
if you think that voting "No" on measure D means people will not being legally growing pot in residential areas you are sadly mistaken, as even the seriously flawed county ordinance allowed that, the question is how many plants can be in what zoning under what conditions, that is what the committee the BOS just established will decide assuming measure d is defeated. yeah, measure d is seriously flawed just like the original county ordinance was, but people have a RIGHT to grow a REASONABLE amount of pot on their property for their own use-got that?
written by een55, May 10, 2012
There are several growers in my neighborhood....and I, too, agree with Sharky.....before I knew what growing pot smelled like, I did think there was a skunk somewhere around here.....It should not be allowed to be grown in residential neighborhoods.....let alone we have a lot of weird people wandering around here and I should be able to feel safe in my home. Vote NO
No on Measure D
written by sharky, May 10, 2012
I for one do not mind that people smoke mj however just a couple of plants that were grown next door to me this past year made the neighborhood smell like skunk and for quite awhile. I could not open my windows or turn the air without it smelling like a skunk just walked by! Why should I as a home owner be subject to this type of intrusion? Not to mention that once the plants reached a certain height they were stolen so it did the grower no good at all. And the thief's had to go over my fence into my back yard to reach his plants! I vote to keep the grows out of the residential neighborhoods! Not only due to the smell but the crime that goes with it.

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