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Nov 25th
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Dear Kelseyvillians
written by a guest, May 04, 2013
Hello, back in the late 1960s I was a young physical therapist at Saint Mary's Hospital in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of meeting and treating a wonderful young high school student, Melissa and her family. She had sustained a serious brain injury when the car she was driving hit a deer. Her recovery was slow but thrilling and as her therapist it was pure joy to watch. When she left us I lost track of her, she was attending a Catholic Girls' College. I can't remember her last name but tears come to my eyes when I think of her smile and her "buzz" haircut as her hair grew back after surgery. I've never forgotten her or the lovely boxes of pears her family used to bring us which helped me remember Kelseyville. So fast forward a few (40 or so) years, I'm e-mailing my grandson and flash--I think maybe the computer can find my Meliss', I still love her and would love to hear of her accomplishments. When I saw her last she was speaking well, tall and so beautiful and walked well with a boot brace. I'm sure you all must know of this fine family, they raised pears and a gorgeous daughter. Thank you, fingers crossed and prayers raised, Lyn [email protected]

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