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Apr 01st
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Home News Latest Final voter registration numbers for county, state in for November election; state reports new record

Final voter registration numbers for county, state in for November election; state reports new record

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LAKEPORT, Calif. – The California Secretary of State said Friday that California’s voter registration has reached a record level.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s final tally was based on registrations her office received through its new online system as well as reports from the Lake County’s Registrar of Voters Office and other county elections offices throughout the state.

Bowen’s office said 18,245,970 Californians, or 76.7 percent of those eligible, are registered to vote in Tuesday’s presidential election.

While the percentage of eligible Californians who are registered has remained relatively steady for more than a decade, the raw number of registrants is a record high in the state, Bowen reported. California’s voting population has increased by 941,879 people since this time four years ago.

Bowen’s office said the previous record high for California was 17,334,275 registrants, set in February 2009.

The last day to register was Oct. 22.

Lake County Registrar of Voters Diane Fridley said her office delivered the final voter registration numbers for the Nov. 6 election to Bowen earlier this week.

The final numbers Fridley provided to Lake County News showed that approximately 34,938 people are registered to vote in this month’s presidential election. Bowen’s tally on Lake County comes up two votes short, at 34,936. Fridley said they received two additional ballots and are updating the state.

The final number Fridley reported is down slightly from the 35,154 voters who were reported by Fridley’s office as registered for the November 2008 presidential election.

Of the 2012 presidential election’s registered voters in Lake County, 16,068, or 45.9 percent, are registered to vote at polling places, and 18,647, or 53.3 percent, cast their ballots as absentees, or vote by mail, according to Fridley.

Bowen reported that this year’s voter registration figures did not beat the dramatic registration surge in the 2008 presidential election season.

While voter registration always increases significantly in the final weeks before a presidential election, registration activity in September and October 2012 was less robust than in the 2008 election cycle, according to Bowen’s report.

In the final 45 days before California’s voter registration deadline four years ago, nearly 1.2 million people registered to vote; this year 986,290 people registered to vote in that 45-day timeframe, she said. A large number of new voters used the Secretary of State’s new online registration system.

“Seeing a record number of Californians registered to vote is wonderful, but there are still too many eligible people skipping the electoral process altogether,” said Secretary of State Debra Bowen, California’s chief elections officer. “Registering to vote is easier now than it was four years ago, yet fewer people actually registered in this final 45-day window than did in 2008. This makes it clear that it’s not just a question of making voter registration easier; it’s really about what inspires people to care about their democracy and be part of the decision-making process.”

Based on Bowen’s report, the Democratic Party has the largest number of registered voters in California, 7,966,422, or 43.6 percent, followed by Republicans, 5,356,608, 29.3 percent; no party preference (known prior to 2011 as “decline-to-state”), 3,820,545, 21 percent; American Independent, 477,129, 2.6 percent; miscellaneous, 336,196, 1.8 percent; Green, 115,034, 0.6 percent; Libertarian, 108,736, 0.6 percent; Peace and Freedom, 61,987, 0.34 percent; American Elect, 3,313, 2.6 percent.

Lake County’s registration picture looked similar to that of the state.

Voters registered as Democratic total 14,279, or 41 percent; Republican, 9,662, 28 percent; no party preference, 8,625, 25 percent; American Independent, 1,398, 4 percent; Green, 471, 1.35 percent; Libertarian, 271, 0.78 percent; Peace and Freedom, 157, 0.45 percent; other, 71, 0.20 percent; Americans Elect, 2, 0.01 percent.

Polls will be open on Tuesday, Nov. 6, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. All ballots, including vote-by-mail ballots, must be received by county elections officials by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

“Registering is just the first step. Now it’s time for the next two important steps: getting informed and voting by Election Day,” Bowen added.

The highest voter turnout for a presidential election in California was 88.4 percent in 1964, she reported.

The complete report on registered voters, which includes voter registration data for a variety of political subdivisions, is at .

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written by a guest, November 04, 2012


California is really in crisis with their public school system, because of the never ending unfettered influx of the children of illegal alien parents. It’s like talking to a brick wall in the Sacramento assembly. As usual they want more money for schools, because the schools are overcrowded with illegal alien kids. It’s just an endless conveyor belt of more taxes, to pay for the free education through K-12. I took my son out of the system because his class size was enormous and he wasn’t learning anything. The teacher’s attention was mainly on the progeny of children where English was a second language. I eventually left the state, because the state was overtaxing small business and the California debt was still rising. Once again Los Angeles and the whole state are being held financially hostage by the Democrats in the Capitol. State measures as the so called temporary taxes as 30, for public safety and education are just an absolute travesty. In a similar measure are 38 to fund education and early childhood programs. The California public school system is dominated by a Teachers Union, which votes of corrupt lawmakers in the state assembly. California once had a education second to none, but now it is riddled with rot and 47 in performance. Once a model for all of America, the whole of the illegal alien “Sanctuary State” genuflects to the unions, which has devastated the structure.

Of course the state government wants more money, because pregnant illegal alien Mothers smuggle their unborn in through unsuspecting airline routes and across large areas of open borders? Every year this country has to pander to hundreds of thousands of illegal entrants, adding to the 20 million plus already settled here. Forced by the courts we have to pay their living expenses for their children, because of automatic citizenship. President Obama has already condemned us to a rise in his taxes, as his administration will on his arrival back in the Capital will enact a full blanket amnesty for every individual that resides here illegally. I am not going to repeat the costs of the money paid in taxes to keep illegal aliens healthy, to educate their children, to put a section 8 shelter over their heads. The courts have determined that we should keep paying for foreigners, whether we like it or not. As yet there has been no attempt by any administration, in placing this illegal migrant or immigrant before the Supreme Court. Republican Californians are leaving the state because of all the Democratic programs thrown at them; the taxes for businesses and the overall union influence. All that will happen is more loss of jobs and then nobody else to extract taxes from?

When California or any other state is demanding more money from taxpayers to pay for education of the influx of foreigners, then we should adamantly say NO to either measure 30 or 38. This situation is incredulous that illegal aliens can come here, with their offspring, whether conceived or not and the courts say we must be taxed, to pay for their welfare? The insurmountable problem is that this enigma is sees no light at the end of the tunnel. More taxes to pay for more Teachers. The Tea Party has a straight forward answer and that is a simple amendment to the 14th Amendment? THAT NO CHILD BORN TO A PARENT WHO IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, CAN NO LONGER BECOME A U.S. AUTOMATICALLY. This will save the taxpayer over a hundred billion dollars annually and justifiably stop the never ending drain on state treasuries. With no foothold baby the parents can then be deported out the country, with the child and the schools can get down to educating our own. ALL PRUDENT AMERICANS SHOULD GET BEHIND “THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW” and save billions of your tax dollars.

While you about it, demand from all reluctant politicians that they vote for “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” That will make E-Verify a mandatory federal law that will begin the repatriation of illegal workers. If this law is passed from Washington, instead of a muddled mix of E-Verify across the 50 states, then people here illegally will begin to self deport. If ICE enforces this law with prosecutions of huge fines and prison, the unconcerned employers will be very leery of hiring foreign labor. Remember that the TEA PARTY is for both of these laws and will vote for them in the Congress. Unlike what the Liberal press declares the TEA PARTY is alive and well, with a growing membership of 41 million voters. They have crafted their agenda by gaining recognition in the Republican Party and as a moderate Conservative foundation, will have momentous influence in the coming four years. In both the Senate and House of Representatives they will not accept the tax and spend of the democrats, and will revise the rulings of the U.S. Constitution.
written by a guest, November 04, 2012

According to reports thousands of officials will be out in force to guard against voter fraud. The problem as I see it, is how do they detect election irregularities when individuals are transported in from other counties to another where they once lived as the voter rolls may not have been purged or the easiest and simple serious shenanigans using the absentee ballot? It should be recognized that illegal aliens are going to be on the chopping block if Obama doesn’t win? Therefore, my opinion is that foreign nationals and other non citizens have much to lose, so they are likely to caste an illegal vote? In tight or close races especially in swing states, these will be a predominant hit, as this could change the direction of the election?
The Liberal media stays silent about another amnesty being pressed by Obama in a possible next term and major news is severely suppressed such as the Benghazi murderous carnage. Of course the truth about this terrible incident has been carefully concealed by the main stream press as the general election closes in? They have no intentions of causing a storm before the voting is caste. Three men plus the Ambassador, who ended up dead, continuously demanded help from the U.S. government that was denied. Investigate the facts of this awful issue at FOXNEWS or complete a search on any major Search Engine. Same with the energy industry who have been intimidated by Obama’s goons in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that have placed obstacles for requested permits. Readers only have to look at the governmental impediments to run the Canadian pipeline of oil supplies to Texas. That gas prices keep rising, because Obama’s liberal Czars think that Windmills, Solar and other forms of green energy could take the place of fossil fuels? Nobody is saying that green energy resources will not assist in maintaining our need for alternative fuels, but right now we need the best thing we have and that is petroleum, natural gas and the abundance of coal?

Gasoline, natural gas and clean coal are in demand now and have been cut back, because of the involvement with the environmentalists. Then we have the “Fast and Furious” gun running controversy. High powered weapons ending up in the hands of the drug cartels and blood on the hands of some top officials. Maybe not Obama directly involved in these actions, except his idea to give every American and illegal alien a right to nationalized health care, which will be a monolithic burden around the neck of every taxpayer and businesses alike. Its not right that the U.S. courts can force on all taxpayers, over 113 billion dollars a year to support foreign nationals. Its no right that we must indulge illegal aliens and their children for their rest of their lives. DOESN'T THIS GOVERNMENT UNDERSTAND, OR ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION, POLITICIAN, ELECTED OFFICIAL COMPREHEND THAT BY CONTINUOUSLY FINANCING ILLEGAL ALIENS, WITH WELFARE AND OTHER PUBLIC FUNDS THAT THE WELCOME MAT WILL ATTRACT THE POVERTY AND THE DESPERATE OF OTHER NATIONS. STEM workers, or the highly trained Scientists, Technology, engineering and mathematicians will never be on the welfare rolls, so they can always find a place in our society. The others who think we owe them a living from whatever their origin, should self deport or finally find themselves in cuffs being transported.

written by Nscale, November 03, 2012
Thank you for the information
Ken price

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