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Jul 30th
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Smith: The best, honest, unbiased and fair reporting

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For those who read this, I would like to draw up any support from this for Lake County News.

I have known about and worked with Elizabeth Larson for a number of years now. I was recently struck in awe when I read about the removal of Lake County News from the sheriff’s email list (“Lake County News sues sheriff for discrimination, retaliation over news coverage,” ).

This blatant disregard for their First Amendment rights just brings me back to thinking that this county has a serious “good ole’ boy” problem.
Lake County News has proven to be the best, honest, unbiased and the fairest of reporting that this County has and probably ever will see.

Another source of media is a local newspaper (which shall remain unnamed in this letter) that I’ve seen, which has shown bias in many ways, especially when local politics are called into question. I have seen this other media outlet deliberately leave information out, just to keep our community in the dark, which also includes a program called In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).
I was deeply involved with supporting the IHSS program and know that I tried to get support from that other news source by reaching out to them and Lake County News.

Myself and other providers and clients would write letters to these outlets, with Lake County News being the only media outlet that would print anything that we wrote.

I am offering up any support that I can give to Lake County News and am asking many of the residents of this county to do the same.

Lake County News needs our support and many people should speak up about the latest infringement of their inalienable First Amendment rights, because if we lose their forthright and honest reporting, we might as well send ourselves into the dark ages.
David Smith lives in Nice, Calif.

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written by jmadison, January 14, 2013
Good story. While we are at it, discussing "News", is there any way that we can do without the front page story of every single car crash in the county? I would like to fault just the Record Bee for this, but both do it. Obviously LCN has more in depth articles, and earlier, but we don't need the gossip or the car crashes. Its bad enough that both papers give Randy his own column of bullpucky to dish out.
Humboldt Stuff
Yellow Journalism is
written by Humboldt Stuff, January 13, 2013
the most heinous enemy of a free society! Reporters that have given their lives for truth are heroes, as much as the troops who man weapons in the pursuit of freedom.
Just Sayin
Good Ole Boys strike again!
written by Just Sayin, January 13, 2013
This is the ONLY paper that provides the news, because the Observer and the Record Bee are geared toward tourists and those in charge of that paper are totally uninterested in presenting REAL truth and news. In fact, when requested to do real reporting, they threaten you with arrest for harrasment! Thank you Elizabeth! The voice of truth in Lake County.
To the curb
written by a guest, January 13, 2013
This is just another reason to get rid of our idiot sheriff
agree and more
written by a guest, January 13, 2013
LCN is not merely the best news coverage this county has, it is the ONLY real news coverage this county has. That's not merely an opinion, it can be documented as follows:

The giant corporate media outlet that owns the "other" paper is owned by a man who has famously gone on record declaring that newspapers do not need to do investigative reporting, that investigative stories are a waste of staff time and do not "sell" newspapers. His organization owns many small local papers across the nation and applies the same model to all: reduce number of pages, fill papers with fluff (as much as possible "free" fluff supplied by community members who submit stories without renumeration), ads, editorials and Letters to Editors. And, of course, high school sports.

Per his mandate, local news coverage is limited to the most basic information without depth or background, and of course the inevitable "both sides" quotes that demonstrate a "fair and balanced" approach (never mind if any quote is demonstrably untrue -- to point that out would be too controversial, so don't go there, just provide the quotes). The "other" Lake County paper faithfully follows this corporate media model. And yes, biased decisions are regularly made regarding what gets included, and there is absolute loyalty to the Good Old Boy Network.

Thank goodness for Elizabeth and LCN.

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