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Sep 25th
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Home News Latest Clearlake Planning Commission to hold discussions on variance, draft medical marijuana cultivation guidelines

Clearlake Planning Commission to hold discussions on variance, draft medical marijuana cultivation guidelines

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CLEARLAKE, Calif. – The Clearlake Planning Commission will meet this week to hold a public hearing on a variance request and to discuss a proposed ordinance regarding the regulation of medical marijuana cultivation in the city limits.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, in the council chambers at Clearlake City Hall, 14050 Olympic Drive.

Gurdarshan Singh has requested the variance and notice of exemption for the Shell gas station at 14091 Lakeshore Drive.

Singh is asking for a maximum building area of 3,000 square feet to be increased to allow for an accessory dwelling unit.

The parcel currently has a 2,538 square foot convenience store and a 1,074 square foot gas station canopy. City staff is recommending approval.

The commission on Tuesday also will hold an initial discussion regarding a proposed ordinance that would prohibit or limit commercial medical marijuana cultivation in the city.

The draft ordinance, a copy of which can be seen below, proposes cultivation bans on vacant parcels and within 600 feet of public or private schools, and requires that grows be screened with plants not to exceed 6 feet in height.

The ordinance would require collectives and cooperatives to maintain evidence at grow sites that they are organized according to the California Attorney General’s guidelines.

In addition, it would limit parcels of one acre or less to a total of six plants, with 12 plants allowed on larger parcels. No cultivation would be allowed within mobile home parks unless management has designated a specific garden area. Cultivation would be banned on apartment complex properties.

The amount of marijuana that could be processed on a parcel would be limited to the amount of marijuana that the ordinance allows to be grown there, according to the draft document.

Marijuana grows that violate the rules set out in the draft ordinance would be declared public nuisances. Violations would be punishable as a misdemeanor by a fine of no more than $100 on the first offense, $300 on the second, and $500 or up to six months in county jail – or both – for the third offense, the draft document states.

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January 2013 - Clearlake Draft Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance by LakeCoNews

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What about...
written by ca215, January 14, 2013
...the "Mexican" store that opened and very rapidly closed, ceasing doing business in the space near the Flea Market/Thrift Store, A1Check Cashing service, etc?

It seems as best I can understand the tenets of outdoor cultivation that there is a required number of square feet of space for the outdoor grows.
Sorry but I couldn't locate any requirements of X amount of square feet for indoor cultivation space. It's doubtless that such requirements are stated somewhere in the ordinance draft. I just could not find them.

Seems to me that buildings that are not used for anything besides Maybe Tax Breaks for the owner(s) of suddenly defunct businesses could be indoor grow space for medicinal-use marijuana.

Well, the spaces now empty and becoming decrepit, causing eyesore issues about which I've heard many complaints, just might provide grow space that would not be affected badly by the weather AND would provide a few jobs for on-site security staff after closing and before opening for business the next business day.

At least a few such sites would put a stop to some of the questions regarding "Uh huh, and where are you dispensary operators getting your product? You have illegal outdoor grows somewhere?"

The now-unused for anything spaces, not even for shelter for homeless people, might be approved of as indoor MMJ grow sites.
I suppose that now that being homeless has been made a crime it's better to shoe-horn in more and more jail occupants.

But 2+ decades ago when I was homeless in San Francisco I absolutely refused to use "homeless shelters." Better, I thought, and it seemed to turn out that I was right, to "sleep out" rather than try to sleep with one eye open so as not to be robbed of what few belongings I had.
I'd have been very happy to have a chance to be useful as compared to just taking up space which is what I felt like for the entire time I was without adequate shelter. And the Boss(es) would not have to worry about my helping myself to the grow-in-progress, smoking cigarettes or anything else anywhere near the plants because I happen to know that smoking tobacco OR mj near plants is very bad for the mmj plants.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who knows two or three things about growing mj. Or if a grower cannot be located, do a little reading.

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