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Dec 20th
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McLean: Measure N and the future

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In December of 2013 we approached the Board of Supervisors stating that we wanted to help create an medical marijuana cultivation ordinance that would be fair and effective, rather than fight them in the courts or by referendum. We were ignored. This is now Measure N. Measure N is short-sighted, unfair, unfunded and unenforceable.

Measure N is bad policy on so many levels. Due to the fact that the supervisors refused to have a committee or work directly with its constituents to create real solutions, we have taken democracy into our own hands. Because of our referendum, the supervisors have placed Measure N on the June ballot for the people of Lake County to decide, and we are confident that the people will vote no on Measure N.

Since the state of California has failed to pass regulations effectuating Proposition 215, which was passed in 1996, Lake County and other local jurisdictions have been left to pass their own medical marijuana regulations. In Lake County we have been attempting to create a cannabis cultivation ordinance that will be effective and fair.

In 2012, there was a broad-based committee formed by the Board of Supervisors with the goal of creating an ordinance that would preserve the right for patients to cultivate their own medicine, while maintaining a high standard of public health and safety.

But this committee was unwisely disbanded by the supervisors, when its work was nearly complete. Supervisor Farrington decided to quit this committee prior to a lawsuit being filed. Supervisors Rushing and Smith had encouraged Supervisor Farrington to continue on the committee, but to no avail.

In fact, that committee’s interim recommendations were largely adopted in the current ordinance which is still in effect, but were totally ignored in Measure N.

Finally, we recognized that our job would not be complete if we just defeated Measure N. We saw the need to offer a viable, financially sound and forward-thinking solution. We retained counsel to write a sound and fair regulatory ordinance, with a funding mechanism and strict environmental controls. It is known as the Medical Marijuana Control Act and is scheduled to be on the November ballot for the people of Lake County to vote on.

Alternatively, the supervisors can simply adopt the Medical Marijuana Control Act as the permanent ordinance for Lake County once the signatures are verified. There is an alternative to creating criminals out of patients for growing a handful of plants.

Vote no on Measure N on June 3! And then let’s implement regulations that work for everyone!

Daniel McLean of Lower Lake, Calif., is campaign coordinator for the No on Measure N campaign.

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kill all repeat offenders
written by kill all repeat offenders, May 22, 2014
No, My screen Name suggests putting a STOP to people going through the Revolving door that the Justice system has become. Do You condone letting Murderers, Child molesters, Rapists, robbers back on the Street to Reoffend. Would You want any of these People Living near You?
As for Cannabis becoming legal soon, Right NOW IT'S STILL A CRIME.
Kill all repeat offenders
written by michaelhorner, May 22, 2014
Really? Your user name suggests murder as a substitute for the justice system, and we should take anything you say seriously? There are plenty of "working class and retired people" who are also patients. We can, through comprehensive regulation, get rid of the criminals that have hijacked prop 215 for profit, while respecting the rights of patients.

Recreational use of cannabis will soon be legal in California, what will the argument be then?

Vote NO on N!

Real regulation is coming in the form of the Medical Marijuana Control Act
Clearlake guy
Is growing MJ in the backyard being a good neighbor?
written by Clearlake guy, May 20, 2014
Tall fences. Barking dogs every time somebody walks by. Bad odors when the wind blows. Strangers in and out day and night. Those are things which do not make a good neighbor.
kill all repeat offenders
written by kill all repeat offenders, May 18, 2014
If nobody lives near You. You would not be prohibited from growing Your "meds" smilies/grin.gif


written by Fishn, May 18, 2014
I am a retired from the Count of Lake. Lived here 30 years. I have no one living near me, with Measure N I will no longer have my Meds.
Vote No on N
What special interests.....
written by a guest, May 18, 2014
....want so desperately to control access to MJ? To whose advantage is it to 'keep it in the store'? What kind of people would dictate what you pursue in your own backyard? And what was so great about 50 years ago anyway? Some places, a brother couldn't even have lunch or get a drink of water.....

Should you be so involved in the daily lives of others that you dictate whom they marry; what they say on the phone; what grows in their garden? 'Land of the Free", my tookus. Working class people and retirees also voted to legalize. People don't respect anything but their own wishes, it's plainly written all over these pages. A 'nice community' would include respect for others' freedoms.

I don't even smoke anymore; I might not even think it's such a great idea for a lot of folks....But I surely will vote against any new 'enforcers' looking over our fences, listening to our phone calls, tracking our interests. Laws already exist to punish criminal growers. We don't need to make it any easier on those seeking to control us, whatever their motive.
kill all repeat offenders
written by kill all repeat offenders, May 17, 2014
Lets try and keep this a nice community for Working Class and Retired People who were raised here and came here to enjoy the Beauty that is Lake County.
We don't want to create a Place that people will flock to for the sole purpose of growing MJ. They'll be coming to make a Profit not to grow Medicine.

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