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Co-op offers locally raised organic chicken and free delivery for July

LAKEPORT, Calif. – Lake Co-op Operations Manager Robyn Bera announced that they will begin offering organic-raised whole chicken fryers from local Red Neck Chickens beginning June 29.

The fryers will be available through Lake Co-op's weekly online ordering Web site at .

Customers who order the chickens can either pick them up at the Co-op's pop up store on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at 307 N. Main St. in Lakeport, or have them delivered directly to their home through the Co-op's regular Thursday delivery route.

Lake Co-op is offering free home/office delivery on orders over $50 for the month of July to help encourage the purchasing of the ancient heritage birds.
Red Neck Chickens of Kelseyville are offering the Transylvania Naked Neck breed chicken that are known for their “superior meat texture and very thin skin which crisps to perfection when roasted, smoked, or barbecued,” said owner/farmer Ken Bouche.

“The lineage is over 2,000 years old and is resistant to common disease, lays an extra large brown egg, has a calm disposition, and the bird's naked neck can tolerate heat and cold comfortably,” he added.
According to Bouche, his naked neck chickens are raised with the highest nutritional feed (GMO free, certified organic  feed, locally sourced sprouted grains, cover crops, medicinal herbs, and pro-biotics).

The flock is pastured on an open rotational pattern under certified organic walnut trees (which, as a bonus, helps add fertility to the soil for the trees).

“We grow as much of the poultry's food at our farm as possible,” said Bouche.
“Before slaughtering, the flock undergoes a 14-day rest period where they consume locally grown organic grain and goat milk whey from Yerba Santa Dairy to produce an exquisite texture, nutritional density, and superior flavor. The naked necks will provide you with the highest quality, ecologically raised chicken you can buy,” Bouche said.
Lake Co-op customers will be able to purchase the unique organic Lake County raised and processed chickens during their normal order cycle beginning June 29.

Lake Co-op ordering happens weekly from Sunday, 12:01 a.m. through Tuesday, 12:30 p.m., with pick up and delivery on Thursdays at varying times throughout the county.

“We look forward to offering more options for receiving the chickens in the near future, but are starting with Lakeport and home delivery to ensure the smoothest and safest process for our customers,” explained Bera.

The chickens will be frozen for delivery.
Customers who order more than $50 on an order throughout the month of July are eligible to receive a $5 account credit, which is the cost of home/office delivery.
Lake Co-op has 12 easily accessible pick up points around Lake County, offers home/office delivery for a small fee and also has a “pop up” store with overage and other local delectables in downtown Lakeport at the Lake Made store next to Watershed Books, at 307 N. Main St., on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Lake Co-op also offers its customers convenient online or telephone ordering and owner discounts.

“It's never been easier to get locally grown and produced organic products. We're expanding our product line all the time,” Bera said. “Our model supports everyone – our producers, customers and owners. And it keeps our dollars more local.”
While shopping with Lake Co-op is open to the public, owners of the Co-op receive a discount on their purchases.

First time customers can now enjoy the owner discount (though are not afforded the one vote per membership that is a hallmark of cooperative ownership) for their first 30 days through registering as a trial-owner with the co-op.
For more information and to sign up with Lake Co-op, visit or call 707-513-5226.

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