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Oct 23rd
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Coyote Film Festival celebrates the power of music on Saturday

MIDDLETOWN – Beat the heat and enjoy a wonderful assortment of award-winning independent films celebrating the power of music at this Saturday's Coyote Film Festival.

Screenings take place this Saturday, July 17, at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at Calpine's Cartwright Geothermal Visitor Center, 15500 Central Park Road, Middletown.

Tickets for adults cost $10 at door, with children under age 16 admitted for $5 each.

Parking, restrooms, air conditioning and concessions are available

The films for this Saturday's screening include the multi-award-winning short, “Raised Alone” by Sam Kadi.

Obsessive workaholic Murad Bandley prioritizes ensuring his family’s financial security over raising his neglected son, Adam. Now, an accomplished violinist, Adam performs his world-renown solo, bestowing upon us a glimpse at his childhood attempt at reconciliation. The film runs 29 minutes.

Poignant and beautiful “The Wall” by FSU College of Motion Pictures, Television and Recording

Arts runs seven minutes and 30 seconds, and follows two anguished souls who share an apartment wall and music, saving them both. The film has won numerous awards.

“Waiting for a Train, the Toshio Hirano Story” is another multi-award-winning short by Oscar Bucher.

From Tokyo to Tennessee, the film chronicles the humorous and heartfelt true story of Japanese emigrant and bluegrass musician, Toshio Hirano, whose life was forever transformed by the music of country legend Jimmie Rodgers. The film runs 20 minutes.

“Victoria” by Charles Sommer is a wonderful, 12-minute film about an old piano at the St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room in San Francisco and the folks who bring it to life and find solace while playing.

The featured animation is “Tah-Dah” by Stacey Chomiak, a fun 20-minute romp with musical notation.

Coyote Film Festival is the fundraising arm of EcoArts of Lake County, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting visual arts opportunities to the residents and visitors of Lake County.

Contact [email protected] or 707-928-0323 for further information.


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