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Aug 03rd
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Ad types and campaigns

Ad types and campaigns
To learn more about how LCN can benefit your business or event and get a quote on and outstanding ad package,


Small business special!

Your ad, one year*, millions of impressions. The green 300x75 mini-banner in the right column is perfect for letting customers know about your local small business. The ad functions the same as any other ad and will link to the landing page you choose.

Don't have a website? Use a free business listing on with pictures and plenty of room for text and images. You can set up your business listing in about five minutes and all you have to do is log on. If you purchase an ad with us we'll even do it for you!

You can update the ad up to four times in one year at no charge. Available on the home page, in the news section or any section bundle. * One year commitment only, this ad is designed for brand awareness and to keep your business on people's minds.

Advertising really does work.

Advertising with guarantees your business or service will be seen by more people than any other ad vehicle in the county, provide today's necessary interactivity and put reporting data into your hands so you know just how many people saw your ad and acted on it. If you'd like to know just how many could see your ad, click here for our online ad presentation.

Best part is we don't cost an arm and a leg and every cent you spend with LCN stays right here in Lake because we are locally owned and operated. We care about local business and want your business to prosper. First time advertisers get a 10% discount on their first ad buy and we offer incentives for longer campaigns to bring down your cost.  Don't forget to place your FREE BUSINESS LISTING.

We also offer a 10% discount for small non-profits to help you get the word out. Want an inexpensive classified? No problem, just contact [email protected]

We're so strong on local business we even helped form a group called Authentically Local to help educate people about the importance of supporting local business. We started Authentically Local with a group of local businesses just like us from across the country. 

Ad Characteristics:

  • 30-50k maximum file Size - depending on ad size.
  • GIFs, PNGs, JPG files are all acceptable for web ready static ads.
  • Flash or animated GIFs formats are used for incorporating motion.
  • Animations should be targeted for around 15 seconds maximum time.


Standard ad styles we have in inventory include the labeled ads you see around this page. If you want to try a custom Size - just let us know and if it works on the site we'll be happy to accommodate your request. We often get requests to repurpose print ads and sometimes those work but usually they need to be redesigned for best display.


Banner ads can be seen in the  top banner below the masthead and the footer found at the bottom of the page.

 Size: 728 x 90 pixels


These are large, block sized ads they can hold significant amounts of text and art and are placed in the column area to the right of articles. To achieve a more consistent look throughout the site, these ads are available in a variety of heights and are all 300 pixels wide.

  • Large Rectangle, (aka Half Page) 300 x 600 pixels.
  • Medium Rectangle 300x250 pixels.
  • Small Rectangle 300x125 pixels.

Transient custom ads-

The following ads are transient ads, they will appear when the page(s) load and the user will close them to reach content. Typically an ad such as this will appear once, once per visit/day or once per visit/week. Call us for a quote or a demonstration.


This ad appears floating over the page, without a browser frame. Size can vary for these ads so let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to meet your spec and pricepoint.


The popup opens a small browser frame over the content. Some readers will have pop-ups blocked and their browser may ask the visitor if it is okay to show the pop-up. That can reduce views. Size can vary for these ads so let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to meet your spec and pricepoint.


Similar to the pop-up, this ad opens a browser frame but behind the current browser window. This ad will be seen by the visitor when they close the top browser window. Size can vary for these ads so let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to meet your spec and pricepoint.


The transition ad covers the entire page of content until it is closed by the reader.

Size - Full Page


We use a flat rate as opposed to CPM (Cost Per Mille or thousand views) to price our ads, we find that most advertisers prefer the flat rate as the ad will remain on the site for a specified amount of time.

The only time you might encounter any kind of impressioning is when you have an ad shared by others in a zone. The lederboard and top banner ads, above and below masthead respectively, are three deep so your ad might share the spot with up to two others in that spot. In that scenario if you are not seeing your ad on the page, it typically means someone else is. To accomodate additional advertisers we also added a second zone below the masthead so that up to six ads will rotate in two zones.

Rates vary based upon ad size, location and duration so once you have an idea of what you think you might be interested in we can provide a formal quote.

As a rule, ads on the home page and in the news section are more costly than ads in other sections. Per day costs decline for longer contracts.

Based on an annual contract, ad costs range from around $3/day to less than $30/day for a 1/2 page ad. 

Discounts may be available, ask us if you qualify for a discount. Discounts are typically available for small, local non-profits, veterans groups and charitable organizations or school fundraising efforts. Large non-profits and for-profit groups are not generally eligible for discount.

Quotes are valid for 30 days. Payment methods include major credit cards, check, money order or paypal.


A campaign can be anywhere from a single ad to a more saturated effort with multiple ads on different sections of the site. We offer incentives in the form of steep discounts for long term multi-ad campaigns. A typical multi-ad campaign could be as simple as two different size ads on two sections to complete saturation of the site with multiple ads in multiple sections. Your imagination and  your budget will determine what type of campaign you want to pursue.

Ad Design:

Lake County News can help you with your ad design with in-house design services. We'll collect your text and any images to get an idea of what you are looking at then design some samples. Once you settle on one we'll complete the design. Pricing for design services runs at $40 per finished ad and we'll generate as many as 10 revisions for you.



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