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Clearlake Police logs: Saturday, Oct. 20

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007

00:07 WARRANT SERVICE 071020001

Officer initiated activity at El Grande, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

00:17 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071020003

Occurred on Ridge Rd. loud party on going prob Disposition: Warning (Cite/Verbal).

00:23 DISTURBANCE 071020005

Occurred on Highlands Wy. 2 male subj on oroperty w bats Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:35 BURGLARY 071020006

Occurred at Zephyr Zen Antiques on Lakeshore Dr. . within the past few hours no susp info several items missing.. Disposition: Report Taken.

00:45 BAR CHECK 071020008

Officer initiated activity at Reflection Bar, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

03:28 DISTURBANCE 071020009

Occurred on Robinson Av. hears female in a verbal 415 with unk subject **Blue trailer**** Disposition: Log Note Only.

03:50 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 071020010

Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. so units unavail hx of 911 hangups open line nothing heard at that location Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . daughter was invovled in 20002 on 21st av last night incident . she left the scene & father called he doesn't know what to do now. Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:01 EXTRA PATROL 071020012

Occurred at Arbees Furniture Refinishing on Old Highway 53. . PRIOR 594'S WOULD LIKE EXP DURING THE EARLY MORNING HOURS. Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:10 VANDALISM 071020013

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . TO VEHICLE. POSSIBLE SUS IS ASSOC W/BLK 01' CHEVY SILVERADO EXT CAB. WOULD LIKE EXP IN THE AREA DURING EARLY MORNING HRS. Disposition: Report Taken.

09:40 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 071020014

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . CIVIL STAND BY Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:42 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 071020015

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . CUSTODY ISSUES Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

09:47 AREA CHECK 071020016

Occurred at Sr 53/POLK Av. BLK LAB MED SIZE NEXT TO HIGHWAY Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:53 AREA CHECK 071020017

Occurred at Sr 53/40TH Av. lakeshore/18th juvs throwing rocks into hwy right nb lane left 3rps no Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:32 PROPERTY LOST 071020018

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . cell phone lost Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:43 DISTURBANCE 071020019

Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. male and female 707-888-5833 neighbors Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on 8TH St. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:22 EXTRA PATROL 071020024

Occurred on 4TH St. mother just past away, rp is the responsible to the estate and lives out of the area. she would like patrol during the night if possible Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:40 EXTRA PATROL 071020025

Occurred on Arrowhead Rd. someone cut the hose on truck gas tank Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:46 WARRANT SERVICE 071020026

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:36 911 HANG UP 071020028

Occurred on Old Highway 53. 7014265 maridel, kruse nothing heard Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

14:42 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 071020029

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . landlord/tenant issues Disposition: Log Note Only.

15:43 COMMERCIAL ALARM 071020031

Occurred at Garret Enterprises on Lakeshore Dr. . pending resp roll up door Disposition: Disregard From Alarm Company.

16:33 WARRANT SERVICE 071020035

Officer initiated activity at Clearlake Apt, Old Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:03 DISTURBANCE 071020036

Occurred on Laguna Vista Wy. family 415 white t shirt green shorts 6'00 wma towards flyers old hwy 53 Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

17:14 AREA CHECK 071020037

Occurred at State Hwy 53/ANDERSON Pkwy. board in south bound lane between dam rd and anderson pkwy Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Mullen Av. clearlake cab 707-350-0517 female customer refusing to pay Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:26 911 HANG UP 071020040

Occurred at Walmart on Dam Rd. . open line pay phone Disposition: Unfounded.

19:25 INFORMATION REPORT 071020042

Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. rp requests documentation that her ex boyfriend has been calling her. rp states that she is the protected party of a restraining order that has not been served to her ex boyfriend Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:34 TRESPASS 071020043

Occurred on 9TH St. Disposition: Log Note Only.

20:34 HIT AND RUN 071020044

Occurred on Santa Clara Av. someone hit her fence and left the scene white 96 chevy s10 pickup Disposition: Report Taken.


Occurred at Redbud Hospital on 18TH Av. . Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at Adagio Apartments on Olympic Dr. . Disposition: Cancelled by RP.

21:44 WARRANT SERVICE 071020047

Occurred on Cottonwood. Disposition: Arrest Made.

21:49 PETTY THEFT 071020048

Occurred at Safeway on Olympic Dr. . wma 5;7" dirty blonde hair black sweater black shorts on olympic toward pd hard liquor Disposition: Log Note Only.

21:51 TRAFFIC HAZARD 071020049

Occurred at Old Hwy 53/CACHE Creek Wy. white vehicle blocking roadway 2d older model Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at Burns Valley Elementary on (Unknown Address). . hears approx 2-3 children sounds like they are causing property damage, wife states they are skateboarding Disposition: Log Note Only.

22:57 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 071020054

Officer initiated activity at Highlands/Old Hwy 53, Clearlake.tstop w/ chp Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:17 911 HANG UP 071020056

Occurred on Old Highway 53. sounds like 415 dom , sub left the scene Disposition: Report Taken.

23:52 BAR CHECK 071020057

Occurred at Reflection Bar on Lakeshore Dr. . Disposition: Arrest Made.


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