Church Women United to meet March 3


LOWER LAKE, Calif. – Lake County Council of Church Women United will meet Friday, March 3.

The meeting will take place beginning at 10:30 a.m. at the Lower Lake Community United Methodist Church Social Hall, located at 16255 Second St.

The theme is, “Human Rights Celebration: Kindling New Fires of Hope.”

Guest speakers are Melissa Fulton, chief executive officer of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce and organizer of the Stars of Lake County Awards, and Janine Smith Citron of Hospice Services of Lake County who will share about the organization’s humanitarian works in Lake County.

In December, 1941, just a few days after World War II was declared, Church Women United was formed, and human rights have been on the group’s agenda since then.

Church Women United has been a part of the United Nations as a nongovernmental organization since its formation as well. It has supported the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since the UN adopted it in 1948. Human rights have been front and center in the organization’s witness and service.

With this history in mind, Church Women United began its human rights celebration 12 years ago to honor individuals who have made progress in this arena.

In Lake County the group will celebrate two such organizations, along with Church Women United’s Shoe Program. Members provide shoes to all needy school children in Lake County. Working in partnership with Healthy Start, vouchers/gift certificates are redeemable at Big Kmart to school children.

To attend the celebration, please RSVP to 707-799-6062.