Tule Boat Festival races set for Friday

Tule boat making is a traditional Pomo skill. Photo by Harold LaBonte.


BIG VALLEY – It's summertime, which also means it's tule boat racing time at Big Valley Rancheria.

The rancheria's seventh annual Tule Boat Festival, which began Wednesday, will culminate on Friday in the annual tule boat races.

The races will be held on Clear Lake offshore of Big Valley Rancheria, located on Mission Rancheria Road.

The event is a chance for tribal members from around the county to practice the traditional Pomo craft of building sturdy boats from native tules.

Dance groups, activities for youth and environmental demonstrations also are a part of the annual festival.



The boats are made from local tules and, when built properly, are watertight. Photo by Harold LaBonte.



The annual event is being held at Big Valley Rancheria on Mission Rancheria Road. Photo by Harold LaBonte.