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State releases 2006 base API base results, growth targets, school rankings

LAKE COUNTY – A new report from the state Department of Education on the base Academic Performance Index (API) for the state's schools shows an overall rise in scores statewide.

For Lake County schools, the report shows growth in scores among a majority of schools.

Last week, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell released the 2006 Base Academic Performance Index (API) report for 9,400 California schools that were given targets for improvement.

The API was established in 1999 to track schools' academic performance and progress on statewide assessments. The Department of Education also reports that API results are used for federal Adequate Yearly Progress requirements.

The annual report once again reflects the consistent rise in median API scores since the API, a numeric index from 200 to 1000, began in 1999.

"I am proud of our students, parents, and educators in California whose continued work toward academic excellence is reflected in the steady academic progress in our schools’ API scores," O’Connell said. "The API is a powerful, comprehensive tool that holds our schools publicly accountable for progress made by all of our students. It supports California’s rigorous standards and ambitious definition of what constitutes ‘proficiency.’"

The 2006 median Base API for elementary schools is 758, up 8 points from 2005. Middle school and high school median scores show similar gains of 10 points and 7 points respectively.

Also, the percentage of elementary schools at or above 800, the statewide performance target adopted by the State Board of Education, is 34.6 percent, up from 31.8 percent in 2005; middle schools is 23.9 percent, up from 20.6 percent; and high schools is 13.6 percent, up from 11.9 percent.

In Lake County, several schools have API targets near 800, including Kelseyville Elementary, Riviera Elementary, Lakeport Elementary, Lakeport Alternative and Coyote Valley Elementary.

Of the 38 local schools assigned 2006 base scores, 20 showed improvements during last year's testing.

Local schools that have recorded schoolwide and comparable improvement – the latter meaning that all numerically significant subgroups at the school met their API subgroup targets -- are Kelseyville Elementary, Mountain Vista Middle School, Burns Elementary School, Lower Lake Elementary, Cobb Mountain Elementary, Coyote Valley Elementary, Middletown Middle and Upper Lake High.

The featured chart for Lake County's schools includes 2007 API targets, 2006 statewide ranks, 2006 growth and base scores, 2005-06 growth and base, along with met growth targets. The chart also includes explanations of the rankings.

While the 2006 API results reflect solid academic gains over the last eight years, they also highlight what O’Connell considers the overriding issue facing California education today – the achievement gap that exists between traditionally higher- and lower-scoring subgroups of students.

Student subgroups are defined by ethnicity, socio-economic, and disability status as well as whether or not a student is an English learner.

Since the API system originated in 1999, schools have been expected not only to meet schoolwide academic growth targets but also student subgroup targets. However, this year the API will focus schools more intensely on narrowing achievement gaps.

The recent reports also reflect the addition of results from new 2006 science assessments, O'Connell reported.

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  API       Met Growth Target

  2007 API Target 2006 Statewide Rank 2006 Growth 2006 Base 2005-06 Growth 2005 Base   School-wide Comparable Improvement (CI) Both Schoolwide and CI          
KELSEYVILLE UNIFIED D D 724 725 28 696*                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Kelseyville Elementary 794 7 790 789 61 729   Yes Yes Yes          
  Riviera Elementary 787 6 784 782 -24 808   No No No          
Middle Schools                              
  Mountain Vista Middle 694 4 690 688 36 654   Yes Yes Yes          
High Schools                              
  Intermountain High                              
  Kelseyville High 711 6 699 706 16 683   Yes No No          
ASAM Schools                              
  Donaldson (ED) Education Center                              
  Kelseyville Community Day                              
KONOCTI UNIFIED D D 658 659 14 644                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Burns Valley Elementary 680 2 682 680 29 653   Yes Yes Yes          
  Lower Lake Elementary 719 4 721 719 38 683   Yes Yes Yes          
  Pomo Elementary 673 2 674 673 2 672   No No No          
Middle Schools                              
  Oak Hill Middle 629 2 622 620 12 610   Yes No No          
High Schools                              
  Lower Lake High 666 4 657 659 0 657   No No No          
Small Schools                              
  East Lake Elementary 704 3* 701* 699* -2 703   No No No          
  Lewis (Richard H.) Alternative 686 4* 644* 680* -52 696*   No Yes No          
ASAM Schools                              
  Blue Heron D D 396* 417* -24 420*   No Yes No          
  Carle (William C.) High (Continuation) D D 697* 691* 135 562*       N/A          
  Genesis High D                            
LAKE COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION D D 507 507 18 489                  
Small Schools                              
  Clearlake Community 469 1* 445* 452* B         N/A          
ASAM Schools                              
  Redbud Community D D 503* 497* 28 475*       N/A          
  Renaissance Court D                            
LAKEPORT UNIFIED D D 726 730 -5 731                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Lakeport Elementary 796 7 793 791 2 791   Yes No No          
Middle Schools                              
  Terrace Elementary 726 5 720 721 -6 726   No No No          
High Schools                              
  Clear Lake High 734 7 718 729 -5 723   No No No          
Small Schools                              
  Lakeport Alternative 800 9* 778* 799* B         N/A          
ASAM Schools                              
  Natural High (Continuation) D D 503* 525* 120 383*       N/A          
LUCERNE ELEMENTARY D D 714 711 4 710                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Lucerne Elementary 716 3 714 711 4 710   No No No          
MIDDLETOWN UNIFIED D D 752 752 15 737                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Cannon (Minnie) Elementary 697 3 694 692 1 693   No Yes No          
  Cobb Mountain Elementary A 9 865 863 8 857   Yes Yes Yes          
  Coyote Valley Elementary 800 7 800 798 10 790   Yes Yes Yes          
Middle Schools                              
  Middletown Middle 774 7 764 769 40 724   Yes Yes Yes          
High Schools                              
  Middletown High 706 6 699 701 3 696   No No No          
Small Schools                              
  Lake County International Charter 720 4* 715* 715* B         N/A          
ASAM Schools                              
  Loconoma Valley High                              
  Middletown Community Day                              
  Middletown Elem Community Day                              
UPPER LAKE UNION ELEMENTARY D D 667 665 -11 678                  
Elementary Schools                              
  Upper Lake Elementary 688 2 684 682 5 679   No Yes No          
Middle Schools                              
  Upper Lake Middle 656 2 648 648 -32 680   No No No          
ASAM Schools                              
  The Grove                              
UPPER LAKE UNION HIGH D D 659 656 68 591                  
High Schools                              
  Upper Lake High 669 4 667 662 64 603   Yes Yes Yes          
ASAM Schools                              
  Clover Valley High (Continuation)                              
  Upper Lake Community Day                              
In order to meet federal requirements of No Child Left Behind, a 2006 API Growth is posted even if a school or LEA had no 2005 API Base or if a school had significant population changes from 2005 to 2006. However, the presentation of growth targets and actual growth would not be appropriate and, therefore, are omitted.            
Legend for “Target Growth” notations:          
" * " means this API is calculated for a small school or LEA, defined as having between 11 and 99 valid Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program test scores included in the API. The API is asterisked if the school or LEA was small in either 2005 or 2006. APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and therefore should be carefully interpreted. "A"means the school scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2005. "B" means the school did not have a valid 2005 API Base and will not have any growth or target information. “C” means the school had significant demographic changes and will not have any growth or target information.          
“D” means this is either an LEA or an Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) school. Target information is not applicable to LEAs or to ASAM schools. “E” indicates this was an ASAM school in the 2005 API Base Report and has no target information even though the school is no longer an ASAM school. 2006 Statewide Rank: On the API base reports, schools are ranked in 10 categories of equal size, called deciles, from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). A school's statewide rank compares that school to other schools of the same type in the entire state. The school types are elementary, middle and high. Each decile contains 10 percent of all schools of that type. A school's statewide rank is the decile where that school's API Base falls compared with the Base APIs of the other schools statewide of the same school type. Special education schools and schools in the ASAM do not receive statewide ranks.          
Targets Met - In the "Met Growth Target" columns, the growth targets reflect state accountability requirements and do not match the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) requirements. The AYP requirement for the API is a 2006 API Growth of 590, or a one-point increase from the 2005 API Base to 2006 API Growth for a school or LEA.        

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