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Solemn ceremonies mark Memorial Day

The United Veterans Council Military Funeral Honors Team served in Monday's commemorations. Photo by Ginny Craven.


LAKE COUNTY – Commemorations were held around Lake County Monday in honor of veterans who served in the country's war.


The Vietnam Veterans of America, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the United Veterans Council Military Funeral Honors Team took part in events at Lower Lake, Upper Lake and Hartley cemeteries throughout the day.


They honored fallen soldiers, and those who served and have since passed. The vets groups also visited elderly veterans in care homes this weekend, to thank them for their service.


The Avenue of Flags flew at the three cemeteries as well, with small flags marking the graves of countless local veterans who served in wars during the past century.


To see our growing photo gallery of Memorial Day events, with photos by Ginny Craven and members of the United Veterans Council Military Funeral Honors Team, go to our Gallery page.


To understand the enormity of the numbers of people who have served and died in this country's wars, consider the following numbers from the Veterans Administration:


– American Revolutionary War: 217,000 served; 4,435 battle deaths; 6,188 wounded.


– War of 1812: 286,730 served; 2,260 died in battle; 4,505 wounded.


– Mexican War: 78,718 served; 1,733 died in battle; 11,550 died of other causes (accidents or disease); 4,152 were wounded.


– Civil War: 3,867,500 served on both the Confederate and Union sides; 184,595 combat deaths; 373,458 deaths due to other causes; 412,175 were wounded. (Statistics from the US Civil War Center.)


– Spanish-American War: 306,760 served; 385 killed in battle; 2,061 died of other causes; 1,662 wounded.


– World War I: 4,734,991 served; 53,402 killed in battle; 63,114 died of other causes; 204,002 wounded.


– World War II: 16,112,566 served; 291,557 killed in battle; 113,842 died of other causes; 671,846 wounded.


– Korean War: 5,720,000 served; 33,741 killed in battle; 20,505 died of other causes; 103,284 wounded.


– Vietnam War: 3,402,000 served; 47,424 killed in battle; 10,785 died of other causes; 153,303 wounded.


– Persian Gulf War: 694,550 served; 147 killed in battle; 1,825 died of other causes; 467 wounded.


– Global War on Terror (including Operation Enduring Freedom operations in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom): Total numbers of those who have served is unclear, although last year the Veterans Administration estimated 165,000. Total battle deaths, 3,015; deaths from other causes, 805; total wounded, 26,799. (Numbers from Department of Defense.)


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United Veterans Council Military Funeral Honors Team member Harry Graves salutes fallen comrades. Photo by Ginny Craven.


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