County of Mendocino seeks water hauling services

NORTH COAST, Calif. — The county of Mendocino is seeking water hauling services starting as early as Tuesday, Aug. 31.

A formal bidding process will be conducted in the near future.

The county is seeking proposals from certified water haulers (or pending certification) for a per gallon and per hour estimate to haul water.

Proposals should include your price and availability and the maximum number of per day you would be available to haul.

In order to perform this service you will have to be a certified water hauler with the state of California.

The estimates on the volumes are currently 47,500 gallons per day transferred for the months of September, October and November. This is assuming 20 working days in the month.

The pickup location is the city of Ukiah Water Treatment Plant 935 River Street, Ukiah to 19701 Summers Lane, Fort Bragg.

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