Del Beccaro speaks to Republicans

KELSEYVILLE – The Rivera Hills Restaurant had a full house of dinner guests waiting to hear Tom Del Beccaro's topic, "The New Conservative Paradigm,” at a special evening hosted by the Lake County Republican Women Federated and the Lake County Republican Central Committee.

Tom Del Beccaro is the vice chair for the California Republican Party, has been of several talk radio shows and manages an informative Web site called,

Several months ago I sat at the Northern Republican Women's Convention in Monterey, absolutely in awe listening to several important topics from US economic policies to social programs.

On Monday night I has the chance to recapture and listen intently to each point of discussion; after the speech several important questions where asked, and then Del Beccaro spent time speaking and signing his book with new friends from Lake County.

The food and service at Rivera Hills Restaurant provided a wonderful atmosphere for Del Beccaro's sensational dinner engagement.

Martha Steward is vice president of the Lake County Republican Women.