Day camps and activities for Lake County children and youth permitted with modifications

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – On Friday, June 8, the Governor’s office and California Department of Public Health jointly released guidelines for the safe opening/reopening of day camps for children and youth, noting implementation of these guidelines should be tailored for each setting.

The state’s guidance emphasized all decisions surrounding implementation of the recommendations should be made in collaboration with local health officials and other authorities.

Relevant considerations included levels of COVID-19 community transmission and the capacity of local public health and healthcare systems to respond to an increase in cases.

With this in mind, Lake County Public Health, in conjunction with First 5 Lake County, has created localized program guidance, aligned with the state’s recommendations, along with a thorough checklist to help program directors prepare for safe reopening.

To create locally relevant and applicable guiding documents, the organizations reached out to nonprofits, schools, churches, agencies and businesses that typically provide summer activities for Lake County children, and engaged them in providing feedback as these forms were developed.

All children’s programs in Lake County must take prescribed precautions, and make their completed checklist available to participating families or public officials, on request.

The guidance and checklist for Lake County day camps and other non-overnight children’s programming is available here.

Sector-specific reopening guidance can be found here.

If you review this information and still have questions, reach out to Lake County Health Services staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 707-263-8174.