Thursday, 01 December 2022

Discover the Fountain of Youth

The oil that we use as an additive in our food chain is just as carcinogenic as the oil which comes from the bowels of our planet Earth. That which has taken eons to transform vegetation into oil within the earth, Mankind has duplicated in an instant with its blenders and presses, though the outcome is basically the same. Once the molecular structure is destroyed , the oil extracted becomes a carcinogenic carrier.

Oil is the cause of every illness and disease that has plagued the human race. Since mankind first start using oil in our food chain, so began the running nose, and mankind’s susceptibility to illness and disease.

No other species on this planet suffers as the human race does from illness and disease. Yet, they eat the same foods we eat except one substance, which is oil, that we have refined from vegetation and added to just about every packaged food, our salads, and worst of all in our cooking of foods.

This process begins as we consume the oil and it begins to coat every cell, tissue and organ. As we consume more oil enriched foods, the very cells began to accumulate more oil thus suffocating the cell and prohibiting the cells from communicating with each other. This oil , becomes an insulator; thus preventing the cells from interacting with each other . Over time, t he organs become so saturated with oil, that the oil has now become rancid and cancerous and is beginning to deteriorate every cell and organ it attaches to. The body is unable to heal itself for all surrounding cells are just as isolated from the brain and unable to produce the very remedies to heal itself.

The very drugs that are being used to treat the illness are hampered by the very cells and tissues they are supposed to be helping because they become insoluble in the oil itself; thus preventing them from being effective. Stop your use of all oils and discover the "Fountain of Youth".

Jima Kuzu is a lifelong vegetarian who has read extensively on health and healing, and attended the World Vegetarian Congress annual meetings several times. Through a vegan diet, using lots of raw foods, he has been able to find good health. He lives in Kelseyville.


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