Falkenberg: Teach Lake County program addressing teacher shortage

There has been recent news regarding a national, statewide and local teacher shortage.

The Lake County Office of Education has been working diligently to address this issue with the creation of our Teach Lake County, or TLC, teacher credentialing program.

TLC is a program that provides an option for those with bachelor’s degrees to earn their teaching credential locally and affordably.

We have graduated over 20 educators since the start of the program.

It is well documented that the No. 1 factor in student success is their relationship with teachers.

By training local residents to become teachers, it mitigates teacher turnover in Lake County schools. Less turnover creates more consistent and stable teacher/student relationships and students are more successful.

TLC has intern credentialing programs for two types of teaching credentials. This includes a certification to teach multiple subjects (transitional kindergarten through sixth grade) or mild/moderate special education.

To learn more about Teach Lake County, contact our Teach Lake County Director Jamie Buckner-Bridges at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.lakecoe.org/TLC.

Brock Falkenberg is superintendent of schools for Lake County, California.