Christwitz: War is never an effective answer

While I am neither a foreign policy student nor an expert, I do believe that war is never an effective answer to conflicts — personally or globally.

In particular, the United States would do well to avoid a catastrophic war by not supporting NATO in the Ukraine.

President Putin has warned NATO against expanding eastward. Indeed he is enraged by the prospect of NATO bases next to his borders and says Ukraine joining the US-led transatlantic alliance would mark the crossing of the red line.

The US could defuse the situation very simply by declaring that NATO will not move into Ukraine. Russia is not going to accept NATO weapons and missiles in Ukraine inches from its border.

The US should not sell weapons to either side of countries in conflict; instead we ought to promote peace, justice, diplomacy and kindness in every way possible.

Make your voice of reason heard.

Barbara Christwitz lives in Clearlake, California.