Thursday, 26 January 2023

Hingston: Richard Ford is doing a great job

My name is Thomas Hingston. I am a current employee of the Assessor-Recorder’s Office.

August Schmitt is correct in that the office is a critical county office (Schmitt: Lee will make positive changes, Sunday, May 15). School funding, public projects and fire budgets are directly affected by the work done in the office.

Consequently, if and when we have someone truly qualified for a job and willing and capable of completing it, it behooves us to try our best to let them do the job.

Richard Ford is doing a great job and has created an atmosphere in his office that has the full support of his staff.

He has no need of creating strawman scenarios or hearsay comments about his office’s performance. His ability as a leader is represented by the strong support of his staff.

Additionally, he has not felt the need to throw the office’s employees under the bus by implying through said hearsay comments an endemic rudeness and untimely work ethic.

It is applaudable when someone is willing to step up and involve themselves in the community but one should be qualified and able to fulfill the job.

Unfortunately, the challenger has not demonstrated the qualifications nor the maturity needed to take on this particular responsibility.

Thomas Hingston lives in Lower Lake, California.

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