Carlé Chronicle: The start of a new school year


LOWER LAKE, Calif. – Welcome back students and staff of Carlé! We are looking forward to a great 2018-19 school year.

Carlé would like to give a warm welcome to all of our new students. There’s a lot of negative stigma that surrounds Carlé High School, and the school itself and students are often targeted with negative stereotypes, but it is to many's surprise that we are the opposite.

A returning paraprofessional at Carlé, Guein said, “I love it, Carlé is a fantastic school, really beneficial for a lot of students, not just for the ones who struggle, but everyone.”

Guein hopes to create a comfortable environment for all students.

Many students were also pleasantly surprised.

Sami Strowbridge stated, “It’s better than other schools. It’s smaller, so teachers are more involved with students and their work, and actually care about them graduating.”

New students Damon Fieldon, Alyssa Rinoldi, Jett Royval and Lethie Chadwick agreed with the statement and added that Carlé’s environment is better for learning and is more welcoming than your traditional high school.

Teacher Lexi Fredrickson furthered Carlé’s praise by saying, “Carlé is a school that cares, and is a strong loving community. We have a strong staff and students who are determined to graduate. Students can do whatever they put their mind to.”

With a new school year comes a new student council. Our 2018-19 student government includes Nico Castillos, Gage Thayer, Tanari Dukes, David Bejar, Ian Hueton, Howard Womack, Wilhem Edwards and Madison Winter.

They will be the voice of Carlé students, addressing issues and planning events.

Student council’s first meeting kicks off with discussing a new club available for students. Mrs. Koehler is looking for any students interested in joining a yearbook club.

It is important that the yearbook represents students, Carlé, and how the school year went. Students in the yearbook club will be responsible for designing and editing. So if you're into art, design and writing this may be for you. If interested speak to Mrs. Koehler.

So with this being said we also discussed activities available on Thursday minimum days. We will have basketball, karaoke, flag football and study hall available for our last 25-minute period.

More to talk about in the weeks to come. Have a great new school year, everyone!

Crystal Quezadas and Maya Dittmore are student at Carlé Continuation High School in Lower Lake.