Yuba Community College District Governing Board adopts vaccine or testing requirement resolution

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA — The Yuba Community College District will implement a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for its employees and students.

On Thursday, Sept. 9, the district’s trustees approved the following requirements for individuals to be present on district properties, including Woodland Community College, Yuba College, the District Office, and the Lake County, Colusa County, and Sutter County campuses.

“Providing a safe environment for our students and employees is a top priority for the District,” said Interim Chancellor Dr. James Houpis, “and with the ongoing nature of the COVID and its variants, we believe the vaccine requirement has become a necessity.”

Effective Dec. 1, 2021, all YCCD employees (staff, faculty and administrators), and volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly testing to be physically present on district property or participate in college or district activities for a 15-minute or more period.

Effective Jan. 24, 2022, all students of Woodland Community College or Yuba College must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly testing in order to be physically present on any district property or participate in college or district activities for a 15-minute or more period.

Students taking online classes only will not be required to comply with the vaccine or testing requirements.

To encourage students that have yet to be vaccinated, the district will be implementing a student vaccine incentive plan.

Students enrolled for the spring semester and who provide proof of full vaccination will be eligible for a gift card.

“The Board of Trustees voted to uphold the recommendation of staff to implement a COVID vaccine/testing requirement,” said Board President Susan Alves. “This decision aligns with our top priority to protect the health and safety of all of our students, faculty, and staff.”

The district will follow requirements from the California Department of Public Health, or CDPH, in determining what documents are acceptable as proof of vaccination.

If a vaccine booster shot becomes necessary while the district’s vaccination/testing requirement is in effect, the district’s definition of a fully vaccinated individual will be expanded to include the booster shot.

Testing will be offered as an alternative to being fully-vaccination. Unvaccinated individuals will need to be tested no less than once a week with an approved COVID-19 test.

For employees or students that are not fully vaccinated and refuse to submit to testing, the District will work with those individuals to determine whether there is a reasonable accommodation (medical and/or religious).

The district is also committed to not discriminate against any individual that receives an exemption from the vaccine or testing.

While visitors and vendors will not be subject to the vaccination or testing requirement, they will still be required to wear a mask while indoors at any district property. In addition, masking for all large activities, such as attending an outdoor athletic event, will follow the guidance from the CDPH and local county health officials.

The Yuba Community College District said it is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and educational environment for its students and employees.

As of Sept. 2, 37 community college districts in California have adopted vaccine requirements. That is 51% of all districts in the state.

Below, view Yuba Community College District Board Resolution 21-56 directing the chancellor to develop and implement a COVID vaccine/testing requirement to increase vaccination rates for students, faculty, volunteers and staff.

YCCD COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Requirement Resolution - FINAL by LakeCoNews on Scribd