Brenna Sullivan graduates from Ohio University

Brenna Sullivan with her diploma from Ohio University for a Master of Science degree in geological sciences. Photo courtesy of Karen Sullivan.

KELSEYVILLE, Calif. — Brenna Sullivan of Kelseyville has graduated with a Master of Science in geological sciences from the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University during the summer 2021 semester.

Sullivan, who has a bachelor’s degree in geological and earth sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz, is the executive director of the Lake County Farm Bureau.

She’s also an accomplished athlete and horsewoman who has ridden in endurance competitions including the Tevis Cup.

More than 1,900 students graduated with bachelor's, master's or doctorate degrees from Ohio University for summer semester 2021.

The graduates represented many areas of the United States and an abundance of countries, including Bangladesh, China, Germany, Ghana, India, Netherlands and Nigeria, among others.