April 22 United Methodist Church services to continue ‘In the Name of Jesus’ mini-series

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – The United Methodist Churches in Clearlake, Clearlake Oaks and Potter Valley this Sunday will continue the "In the Name of Jesus" mini-series that will take us through the great 50 days of Easter.

Why does one attend a Sunday Service? To find peace of mind, to rest from the responsibilities of the week, to seek truth, to pray for oneself and for others, to meet with friends? Probably “yes” to all. But maybe most of all, to talk with God in his house.

This Sunday we will be reading Acts 4:5-12 and John 3:16-24 noting "Salvation Comes."

Salvation in the name of Jesus Christ doesn’t always look the way we wish it did. The good news is that the power of Jesus Christ is with us. His spirit, the body of Christ, resides in us. His spirit gives us not just power to heal, but to be transformed by the power of love when we proclaim his name and love one another as he loved us.

For one reason or another, you may have been away from church for some time, but what a wonderful time to reunite. We especially invite you to return in faith to one of our churches to talk to God about your needs and praise God.

For that get-up-early place to worship, join our Potter Valley United Methodist Church, 10075 Main St., Potter Valley, at 9 a.m.

Join Clearlake Oaks UMC, 12487 The Plaza, at noon, or be with Clearlake UMC, 14521 Pearl Ave., at 2 p.m.